Monday, 27 January 2014

happy birthday

Laura turned 11 on Sunday. Laura has quite the routine of playing with her string and catnip mice every single night and morning - they are her favourite things and stay inside for her to play with. (She doesn't share well with the other cats).
11 years ago we bred out first litter of kittens.
From the first litter we kept Laura and Caro

Caro who is buried under a chestnut tree is helping to produce chestnuts.

Farm Stay Guests..

No photos were taken due to the torrential rain, gosh this summer is well not really summer. Ella and Pinot were pleased to be moved back into indoor cattery - they do not like the rain one bit. Hope their families who are both overseas are getting some summer weather.


  1. wow...torrential rain? we are having torrential snow!!!

  2. Laura is a lovely kitty! Happy birthday Laura!!

  3. ah lovely Laura, happy birthday gorgeous girl xx

  4. Torrential rain - torrential snow - we are having torrential heat over here in Melbourne.
    I think we always have a soft spot for our first borns - human and feline lol