Sunday, 5 January 2014

Happy birthday Pinot

 Happy 7th birthday Pinot.

A special birthday dinner for him to eat today - Brunswick Sardines in spring water (With no added salt)
In our experience this is a favourite meal that every man cat loves to eat (Brent likes them too and so do the lady cats)

 What's a party without some junk food to eat - Wild West Beef, Liver and Cheese flavoured crunchy nuts.

We have a soft spot for Pinot - He was the first ever cat to come back and board with us. Pinot always fits in here and enjoyed his special birthday treats.

Pinot came with a bottle of Oyster Bay wine and tonight we have raised our glass to him

 Evie loves to sit on our knees for a pat

And she enjoyed some of Pinot's party nuts too.

The weather has been pretty wild here, with lots of heavy rain and wind. All the cats have been tucked up safe and sound inside the cattery - Too rough for the outside runs.


  1. Happy birthday to another Capricorn. xxxx

  2. Happy birthday gorgeous, Aunty Kath could have a lovely cuddle with you! xx
    Glad you enjoyed some treats Evie, there's always room on my lap for another cat xx

  3. Your kitties are so cute! The weather has been awful, I hope it warms up soon! Cute photos.

  4. I can't say I'd want a piece of the birthday "cake" but I'm glad it was a good celebration!