Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happenings at the farm stay

 I sure wish I got Pinot playing with his toys on video - he was in fine form batting everything around.

The feather was fiercely attacked, back feet giving the stick a good swift karate kicking while the feather was being dealt to rather savagely.

 Evie's family has been in touch and suggested Pams chicken or beef casserole over the 5 star silver service offered - kinda like eating at the pie cart. I wonder if the pie cart is still at Wellington railway station?

 Sienna and Beau have arrived today - Beau is a champion mince eater of some repute 

He likes to eat his mince and when that's all finished, he likes to eat Sienna's mince too.

Basil and Sam went home today - I tried to hang off feeding the cats until Basil and Sam left as I didn't want them to have a full tummy followed by an hour long car ride home. They got a  kitty pack of cat mince to take home with them packed in an empty Kapiti Ice cream container.
I bet they are pleased to be home - nothing like ones own bed is there.


  1. Wow I wish you lived near me , I'm sure my cats would love to stay with you if I had a holiday

    1. We don't go away much either as a family too many critters need care. It's quite a fun hobby and we are really greatful to the koha's people offer which keeps our pets in food, vet bills etc. Some of it I am saving for a new flock of sheep.

  2. Those kitties are so lucky to get to stay with you!
    Mum says she wants to find the pie cart......

    1. Thanks it's really lovely hearing the feedback from the owners how they have enjoyed following the blog and getting daily photos of what their loved pet is up to,