Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Friend of Foe?

Who doesn't love a hedgehog?

Anyone who grew up with Beatrix Potter books will love Mrs Twiggy Winkle.

But here in New Zealand the hedgehog is an introduced species and is a threat to our native birds, lizards and frogs. As a gardener I know they are my helper and eat the slugs. However Nic Vallance from Doc states "Hedgehogs are chomping their way through native wildlife, and the public needs to stop seeing them as cute, harmless garden visitors.

We have planted many native trees on our property wanting to attract native birds, it has resulted in native wetas and lizards choosing our place to live too. So it's quite an issue when you learn a hedgehog has been found with 283 weta legs in its stomach and eat skinks at night while they are sleeping..

 To learn about the hedgehogs voracious appetites and the threat they are posing to New Zealand's native birds, weta and skinks visit Doc here.

Farm Stay Guest.

  Pinot is being a batchelor, Evie went home last night and Pinot goes home today

 Pinot is practising his pirate look for when his family picks him up.


  1. Hedgehogs are not my favourite little animal, did this one get " relocated"? We sometimes have one here, usually at night, is it true if you see them in the daytime walking round, they are not well?? Cheers from Jean.

    1. yes I heard they are sick if out in daytime. He/she is in a box with food and water. I contacted the hedgehog rescue but haven't heard back. It's quite hard when you love the critters but know they cause such damage to our eco system especially when we are working hard here to invite native critters onto our land.It's a real buzz when you find a skink nest. we used to have heaps when kids so it's awesome our kids being able to see them now too. But not good about hedges eating them.

  2. Over the years we did have many sick one visiting, we would take them to the vet or SPCA, where I guess they would put them to sleep. When they are sick they smell really bad, a twenty minute trip to town with one in a box in the car is not pleasant. To answer Jean question, the vet told me if they are out & about during the day, it is a sign they are sick.

    1. The hedgehog rescue lady phoned and said the hedgy could of been a young one - they don't become nocturnal until older. As the hedgy escaped out of the box into Brent's barn he/she is still with us (Brent is hoping not in his barn) But I left food out last night so will be interesting to see if it got eaten. Love L
      PS A smelly road trip would not be fun.

  3. I think hedgehogs are cute, but we never see them around here. So I don't know how much of a nuisance than can possibly be.