Thursday, 16 January 2014

Farm Stay Guest MINKA

Gosh I hope Minka's family hasn't been cross -  There hasn't been many Minka photos.
Just look at those Panther cheeks - a mighty fine set of Panther cheeks for a lady cat don't you think

But photographing Minka is definitely a a two girl job - Thank you Abbey for helping take the photos - I couldn't manage it on my own, she is a busy bee and wont stay still so we had to have some cuddle time. Yes Minka your beautiful, but keep still and smile for your photo.

All Minka wants to do is roll in the sun and sit up on my knee for a super quick pat and get told how pretty she is - And then she's off again.

With a quick look back to make sure we are you watching her - Good  - and then it's up again for another pat. We have quite a little game going on here.


  1. OOh look at that silky velvet face, I wish I could lean into my computer and kiss that little nose!