Saturday, 18 January 2014


Wort Moon January 2014 from the Southern hemisphere.

I love my camera - it takes a pretty awesome shot of the moon aye. I sure appreciate our unpolluted night sky here at our place and thrilled to have learnt that no lights will be placed around the new motorway that is being constructed near ( in fact too close) to our place. I haven't shared about the news of  the new  motorway as its just far too upsetting.  We hear the construction machinery daily and trees were cut down where local kingfishers live along our loved walking route. We are not directly effected as the work is a couple of kilometres away from us  - However some local properties have been ruined - Sadly they have been transformed from quiet idealic properties next to the river to having a 4 lane express way 50 metres from their back door Yuk Yuk Yuk

Starting next week a big change occurs  as "our" walkway will be closed to us. 

But it is GRAND news that our  night sky will stay unpolluted for our eyes,. We will plant more Pohutakawa trees on our property to make up for the ones cut down for the motorway. 

My emotions have been going up and down, round and round so much change is happening. Brent says she'll be right - we have got off lightly we won't see the motorway and with the new motorway there will be less traffic going past the front of our place

At first I kept reaching for what was no longer there. At times of transition, sometimes the first impulse is to look backwards. But I needed to be present to the new state, knowing that emptying out is a vital part of the cycle of renewal.

Juliet's words in her newsletter really hit home this week, I've been having flashbacks of our homeschooling journey probably due to it is coming very close to the end and it has been such a big part of our lives. 
When you stay home to educate your children it becomes  how you live your life..
Sixteen years of homeschooling is a long time. SMILE.

NCEA results are out, James did fantastic! He achieved level 2 NCEA which we knew, including an excellence and a merit in English. That was such a total buzz and yes I cried. 
We were waiting on the exam results and as James was working away from home with his dad. I sat at the computer for James to get his results as they were issued and then phoned the boys. He also got an  excellence in graphics and endorsed merit with his art . Wacko!

We have done our best and it sure has paid off. I can still remember the days when I just knew something wasn't right, I knew James was memorizing his reading, not reading - he has an amazing memory and back then could rattle off all the men's jokes he over heard while they were working in the barn! I asked a friend who was a speld tutor to test James and she also thought there was room for concern. We went against a lot of the home schooling viewpoints that boys will read when they are ready. "Better late than early".

Once again we went against the grain and paid the big money to have James assessed (lots of home schoolers do not believe in labelling, but to me labelling is helpful if you can work with it). I still remember the heart breaking news that he was one of the worst cases identified and they said he may never ever learn to read or write. Can you imagine such news being told to a parent. Some would accept it - but not us!

We were so blessed and an amazing tutor came into our lives. She let me sit in with his Speld lessons and I learnt lots of skills to help him. She was soo dedicated and had such a heart for James and with lots of hard work the key was found to unlock his learning style.. 

She was our Mr Falker 

Back in the early days of our home schooling journey,  dyslexia was not recognised in the school system. Even now there is very little help for kiddies who learn differently to the main stream. At one stage James was enrolled with the Health school and a teacher came to the home each day to deliver lessons. She would not recognise dyslexia and did not support the work we were doing with the Speld tutor.  I knew her teaching style was not working. James was not learning with her.  She would ask James the maths questions,  then she would write the correct answers down and get him to copy down the answers she had written for him.  She would then tick tick tick what he had written. GASP that to me is not learning, that is making the teacher look good. (Needless to say we had a parting of ways)

Once again we went against the grain and  un-enrolled James from the Health School.  I can still remember the principal and the teacher telling me they had grave concerns for James following our decision to do this. Talk about put doubts in our minds, but I'd sure like to say na na na na to them now. (It's awesomely fun to be childish at times)

Emptying out is a vital part of the cycle of renewal.

I've been emptying out - going through our home schooling resources and listing them on Trade Me It amazes me each time I have such a binge on what more I'm ready to let go.


  1. They say we should embrace change but when it is a motorway vs a walk way it is hard to come to terms with it. I hope you find some more loved spots. Fantastic news for James - well done to you all, it has been a real family effort and you all deserve huge kudos. Have a great weekend!!

    1. yep I wont talk about the motorway again as I just have nothing nice at all to say about it. Nor do the kingfishers!

  2. i am all for going against the grain. james is so lucky you thought that way too! he is an exceptional guy and good for you to not let anyone label him. he is so much more talented than most his age! sorry about the motorway. i've spent years fighting city hall here to stop awful development. i sure know what it feels like!

    1. James is hugely talented and thinks so out of the square - the world needs more people that think differently and are creative - I do think they will be the movers and the shakers of the world.

  3. It's a tough one isn't it? so much up for debate........but at the end of the day we just have to make the best of things & be grateful for what we have, the world sure seems to be very busy some days!
    Yippie James! Fabulous. It must be bittersweet, the end, the beginning.........
    "When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us" -Helen Keller.

  4. Love your moon shots Leanne, I looked at it here in the city the past few nights, as I headed to my night shift. Well done to James, a great success.

    It has been good to purge a lot of stuff, some I feel sad to get rid of it, but I am trying to only keep the items I love. No more buying stuff though.

    Julie and Poppy Q

    1. I'm amazed at how great the moon shots my little camera can get. Yep James did fab aye. It's been so worth the work he has put in.

      Living with less is really freeing - it sure does make you think hard about what you want to buy and bring into the house. I'm amazed at each time I do a purge binge just how much more I am ready to let go

  5. I so feel for you with the motorway so close...My poor mum is in the process of having her house and land resumed to make way for residential subdivision and 6 lane highway...and this after 55years of living in the same house.

    Good on you for pushing for what you believe was right for your family...and then reap the rewards...Congratulations James!

    1. OUCh 6 lane highway shudder. That must be ever so hard on your mum living there for 55 years.

      Going against the norm has worked for our family and I'd homeschool again in a heart beat - been soo worth it.

  6. I adore those moon photos! Terrific job on them!!!!! And congratulations for your son's achievements! You did the right thing by undertaking the home schooling. I understand all too well about road projects. We were going to have an interstate badly affect our former country acreage. First it was located in back of the house, then moved to in front. And the proposal dragged on for about 13 years. That's why it took us so long (3 years) to sell it when it came time for us to downsize due to our ages. The project finally got cancelled after we sold, and we took a huge loss on our property because of the negative impacts.

    1. Thanks! I'm awfully sorry to read of your roading story what a shame they didn't cancel the road before you sold. Folks that are going to be more affected than us are sitting tight to see what it is going to be like before they sell, as they plan to sell due to their property being their retirement fund.

  7. Your moon photo is beautiful but I am sorry about the highway coming so close. That happened out here and they actually split farmhouses from their farms. Other times it was just a bit of the property. There is a 5 acre minimum for septic service out here. At times they cut off just less than 5 acres so the owners can't even sell the remaining parcel to anyone wanting to build a house.

    Great news about James. My husband is slightly dyslexic as is my daughter. My husband also learns differently than most. He was in the top percentile (99) on his SAT scores but barely passed courses. Not everyone learns the same but the educational system has adopted a single teaching method and I'm afraid it is getting even more controlling at least here in the US. Good for you to insist on other methods and being able to do this yourself.

  8. Congratulations James!! It's so good to see that the hard work does pay off!
    What a shame about the motorway.... they call it progress... but at what cost??