Thursday, 30 January 2014

Yarn a Long


 Abbey has casted on a hat for herself  it's rather fun seeing the leaves appear.

the pattern is called rustling leaves beret by Alana Dakos


I finished Vera which made me yell out loud WHAT to the ending! It sent me on a quest to read more of Elizabeth von Arnim and I'm totally loving The Enchanted April. so far.

I'm not getting much time to listen to audio books I'm sure life will slow down soon.... I'm feeling a tad ragged with everything on my plate, visiting dad, taking mum to her medical appointments, taking her shopping oh and even taking mum to  choose a new budgie.

Sir Kobi will be great company for mum

Farm Stay guests...

I had a terrible fright yesterday as I couldn't find one of Ella's toys - her very much loved Winnie the pooh

I was blaming Mack the Mastiff  of carting it off in his jaws thinking I must of dropped Winnie the pooh carrying Ella's blankets etc to and from the indoor outdoor area.

Oh I felt terribly guilty blaming poor old Mack as I found Winnie the Pooh all tucked up in between the bedding where Ella must of put it safe and sound.

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Hair loss

 Poor Molly Goat.

 Our much loved Molly goat has her hair falling out along her back. Searching the Internet and books suggests it could be mites but we can't see anything. I'll ring for our vet to come out and give Molly a warrant of fitness. Molly is over 14 years old and I'm very fond of my goat... as girls are who have goats in their backyard.!

Farm Stay Guest.

Ella having a good old head tickle up. We are bringing her indoors at night as gosh the mornings are COLD, autumn like. It's been a crazy summer - February no doubt will be hotter.

Monday, 27 January 2014


The naturopath course study at the moment is aromatherapy
 - so I'll take a study break and share what I've been up to.
I had to choose 1-3 essential oils to use - so I chose lemon, peppermint and eucalyptus oil. 
All beneficial  to burn while studying as they  keep the mind alert and focused

Today was a very first for me - I was waiting outside the local bottle store at 10am for opening time. For some vodka (as you do Monday mornings at 10am) Blue vodka is the best by the way as it is the highest strength. (excuse my knitted dish clothes they are well used and a tad scruffy, time to knit some new ones me thinks) PST have I said how much I love my new red kettle?

I wanted it to make some window and kitchen cleaner.
2 cups of water
¼ cup vodka
5 drops lemon essential oil
2 drops peppermint essential oil
3 drops eucalyptus essential oil
Shake and use on windows, kitchen sink and bench top.
The vodka is the dispersant and also alcohol kills surface germs effectively and vodka doesn't streak. Lemon essential oil is antiseptic, bactericidal. Peppermint essential oil is also antiseptic. Eucalyptus is antibacterial, antiseptic, and antiviral

Some before and after photos. Very pleased with my new cleaner! Project for the week will be to clean all the windows in house.

Exfoliating Foot Scrub

1 cup of Himalayan pink salt
4 Tablespoons of coconut oil
6 drops of lemon essential oils to help remove dead skin
3 drops of peppermint essential oil to help soften the skin.

 Mix well together and spoon into  a small wide-mouth glass jar. (you can get these darling jars at Briscoes)

To use the exfoliating foot scrub, place a small amount in the palm and scrub over the feet especially the heels. Follow up with a scrub from with some pumice collected from the beach. Rinse off in water.

Tomorrow I'll make a foot balm using essential oils

happy birthday

Laura turned 11 on Sunday. Laura has quite the routine of playing with her string and catnip mice every single night and morning - they are her favourite things and stay inside for her to play with. (She doesn't share well with the other cats).
11 years ago we bred out first litter of kittens.
From the first litter we kept Laura and Caro

Caro who is buried under a chestnut tree is helping to produce chestnuts.

Farm Stay Guests..

No photos were taken due to the torrential rain, gosh this summer is well not really summer. Ella and Pinot were pleased to be moved back into indoor cattery - they do not like the rain one bit. Hope their families who are both overseas are getting some summer weather.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Saturday Critters.

One shrewd old fella - mischief is his second name.

Mack sneaks his dog biscuit around the side of the house to eat.

 Where Stella the poodle can't see what's going on... but she seems to find where the biscuit crumbs are left

Stella tries to get every crumb  - sometimes those very big jaws have a biscuit crumb or two hidden in the corners.
Mack seems to take this in his stride. (In the dog world licking another's jaws is a form of acknowledging who the boss really is)

Farm Stay Guests.

Bruno and Pi went home today and Ella arrived. Ella normally doesn't like other cats so I put her in the side run where she can't "see" the other cats. But at every chance she is around looking at Pinot.(He is a very handsome cat)

Pinot had been telling Ella about the big gun he saw today

  Pinot who is Ella's brother (Jasmine mother, Lordy father) but from a different litter  
Ella born 14 Jan 2008, Pinot 5 Jan 2007. .

Pinot saw it all. (Being a man cat he's very interested in hunting you know - and he does like his meat too) The "D" day arrived for the home kill. Usually the deed is done up in the pen by the barn but no way would the sheep come for their nuts. So to have it all over and done with quickly with no stress, the butcher and James went up to them.
It's never our favourite day here but we make it quick and there is no stress on the animals, they are happily munching away and in the next second the job is over. It was meant to happen Friday and John the butcher did arrive but as we had Minka's family arriving soon for pickup, we rescheduled for Saturday.
It was also retirement day for our John the butcher. Our village butchers have decided to retire and have closed their shop. James sure is going to miss their special  gluten free sausages. It's going to feel very weird going past their window when in the village next time, there will be no wave and banter from the friendly butchers..

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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Organic milk and butter.

Naturopath in Training...

I've been asked if I'd do more blog posts on my naturopathy training. I'll  share changes our family are making..  Full handouts and reasons why I do plan on making into blog posts but at this stage I've only time for snippets to share which hopefully will send you on a bit of a research for yourself

 Lewis Road Creamy butter (I prefer unsalted) is made from organic Jersey cream. It's the best organic butter I can find made in New Zealand. I can pick it up from New World and Countdown (Countdown has it on special this week for $5.69 for 250g). It wasn't at the organic shop.

Organic non homogenised milk is harder to find in supermarkets - I've only found it at the organic shop for $3.29 for a 750ml bottle.

Don't yea love the bottle shape! It looks soo cute sitting in my fridge!

Homogenisation of milk has no health benefits - it is mainly done to make the milk last longer on the shelf . If you are wanting food as close to its natural state then choose non homogenised milk All "silver top" full fat milk is non homogenised. 

Permeate free is another word that is again worth researching, it is a natural waste product from the ultrafiltration of milk which is basically watering down our milk. Again, if you are wanting your food as in a natural state as possible, it's totally worth looking for permeate free milk.

Unpasteurised milk also known as raw milk can only be purchased from a raw milk supplier and not commercially. 

 Zorganic milk I've found a few times at the supermarket. Their website has not as much information as Lewis Creamy to research but would at this stage be my second choice for purchasing.

Us as consumers have a choice and we can insist on changes by voting with our money. As more consumers demand their food is grown and raised organically changes will happen.

Farm Stay Guests...

Pi following the late afternoon sunbeams.

Looks like I got just the right spot aye. oooh blisss says Pi

 Bruno also followed the sun beams.

 Pinot was a tad miffed at me.

  You see he watching the sheep and Molly goat, but I kept calling and calling for him to look at the camera.
It just wasn't what "HE" wanted to do at that particular moment.

Pinot cracks me up he gets as close to the fence as he can to watch - I think his inner panther is really wanting to attack.

The boys were bachelors for the night as Minka went home - just one night of no girl cats as Saturday Ella comes for her holiday.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Enduring power of attorney

Great news about my dad he has been moved to a hospital rehab centre closer to home, and mum can be in her own bed. Dad's muddle-headedness seems to of gone which is wonderful news - it was a tad scary and very much an eye opener about side effects of a full anaesthetic for over 80's. I've put my hand up and asked for help (not like me) by asking if some of my parent's friends can transport mum to the hospital to see dad. They were more than happy to help and understand I have other responsibilities  here at home.

Hospital staff have taken the time to explain how important an enduring power of attorney is. I was totally unaware that a spouse can not legally make any decisions on behalf of their husband or wife if they become mentally incompetent. Which makes having an enduring power of attorney just as important if not more important than a will. Link to Family Court of New Zealand  and Ministry of Social Justice. Well worth book marking these and reading!

Cottage Tails Farm Stay Guests

A very angelic Minka - "YEA RIGHT - I've trashed the place"!

 Minka had a wonderful party during the day.

 Minka put her toy tiger in her drinking bowl to have a swim.

Poor tiger is rather soggy

 Pi is extremely smoochie, 

Pi refusing to look at the camera.

Bruno enjoyed the day outside too - it's been nice to have the sun back.

Bruno was also very hard to get to look at the camera - the birds flitting about were far more interesting.

Pinot gazing out at the sheep. He probably would of enjoyed going with his family to Australia to watch the tennis ball too.


Thursday, 23 January 2014

A Full House again.

 Minka's coat is amazingly glossy.

She has the pick of all the boys staying here - being the only girl

 Bruno is very fond of  Minka.

So much so that Bruno couldn't take his eyes off her.

Now do excuse the litter, the afternoon cleaning hadn't been done before the photo session. Bruno and Pi sure like to dig OUT  their kitty litter before using their tray so always lots of cleaning to be done SMILE.
Pi loves his big toe rub - just like Caro used too. Aren't they funny!

 Pi is always the first to eat. I watch to make sure Bruno gets his bowl. and that it is not eaten by Pi too.

It was Pinot's first day back here and he is allowed in the middle run - this is due to coming down to me when I call. I think Pinot likes to sit up there and look DOWN on the other cats too.
Here comes Pinot he jumps across to the platform above the main door way and then down to the scratching pole for a pat.

The weatherman says it's going to be fine today so Pinot and the boys can go outside today.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hospital visit

uuugh hospital food..... spinach and cottage cheese fritters, tomato sauce (smelt like Watties tomato sauce and mashed potatoes.

I left home yesterday at 5.30am to visit dad in hospital and be in time for bed rounds with doctors. Received correct information of a hemiarthroplasty of the hip  a pretty major op for an old fella in his 80's. A result from a fall on Saturday, he was operated on Sunday. New Zealand has amazing health care in emergency situations (food I'm not so sure of, and I believe a lot isn't made on the premises but shipped into the hospitals. .(I'm not 100% if this has actually happened yet.)

 I organised his correct date of birth on hospital records (they had three dates which caused a big confusion when time to give out medicine), talked to social workers, occupational therapists, assured nurses his behaviour is not normal and learnt that he possibly has postoperative delirium - pretty sobering seeing such a behaviour change. They say 1 in 3 can suffer from this over the age of 80 - hopefully it will go with time. As soon as he is medically stable he will move to a rhab centre closer to their own home town and all social workers and head nurses are communicating to ensure the best care will be arranged.

James did the morning shift of the cattery for me and he looked after his sister  providing her with very gourmet breakfast and lunch - plus I arrived home to tea cooking - pretty awesome aye.


 Angie escaped and was caught on film heading off to the vegetable garden.

tutt tutt (she is one of my favourites so find it hard to growl)