Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Lunar Cycle Cleanse

 I'm very excited to be opening registration today for the Lunar Cycle Cleanse

Begins on the Full Moon
5th January 2015 (New Zealand time)
The Full Moon  is a perfect time for extra energy, personal power and it is also a time for releasing anything that is no longer serving you. 

The Lunar Cycle Cleanse is a gentle, eclectic therapeutic approach with a naturopathy flavor. I am a naturopath in training, currently in the second year of a three year degree - all workshop fees go towards my naturopathy study fees and books.
The goal of the Lunar Cycle Cleanse is to promote a gentle, balancing and cleansing detoxification.

It is suitable for someone who has never done a detoxification before or someone who wants a gentle detox to stimulate their liver without having to do a fast or having an extreme healing crisis.  

It may be perfect timing if you have over indulged over the holiday period or if you have made a New Years resolution to look after yourself in 2015. 

The Lunar Cycle Cleanse is not about losing weight. It is more about cleansing the body, promoting elimination of wastes and providing nourishment.  

 During the Lunar Cycle Cleanse you will get emails covering:
  • Supporting detoxification pathways with nourishing food.
  • Attuning to the natural phases of the moon. This can be really beneficial to woman who have passed their reproductive years, are going through menopause or woman who have erratic menstrual cycles.
  • Helping you choose what foods to eat for your body shape and blood type.
  • Herbal teas.
  • Cooking methods during the cleanse.
  • Complementary cleansing techniques.

Principals of the Lunar Cycle Cleanse

                      Naturopathy treats the whole person; mind, body and soul.
I believe in preventative medicine which is the building and maintenance of health rather than fighting the disease.
My role for this Lunar Cycle Cleanse is as a teacher. I will share my knowledge from my naturopathy studies, offer advice, guidance and support you, in you, taking self-responsibility of your health.
Throughout the Lunar Cycle Cleanse, fell free to email me with your questions. I will  reply to all comments every morning.

 Necessary details:
Cost is $55.00 payable via paypal or internet banking 
Additional costs: There will be different modalities introduced to you which are optional and you may wish to purchase eg herbal tea suggestions, tissue salts, etc. 

Begins on the 5th January 2014

Come spend a Lunar Cycle Cleanse with me! Yes I will be doing it along side you.

If you have any questions feel free to email me,

I've had some really lovely feedback from the previous workshops I've run which has been soo encouraging. Can you imagine being a stay at home mum for over 21 years, 50 and retraining to be a naturopath just  how scary, overwhelming and well brave it is to actually take the first step and say to the world here I am. 

Anyway let me share with you the lovely feedback from people.

I have been following Leanne’s wellness plan in an attempt to regain some control over my own health and wellbeing. The course of weekly themed worksheets has focused my attention back to my physical and spiritual health. It has taken me back to subjects such as aromatherapy and tissues salts which I have used in the past but forgotten about; made me look again at the impact of simple everyday actions on my health eg water intake, sleep and exercise; and encouraged me to take time out to work on a positive approach for life. I found the course flowed naturally from one subject to another, and although I have fallen off the wagon several times it has given me the strength to get back on and start again. My mental and physical wellbeing have improved through working with Leanne ~ it is an ongoing learning experience which I have thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend. EB

Thank you Leanne.
 I'm really going to miss my Tuesday morning motivation reads. It was always with great excitement that I checked my e-mails even before I was dressed for the day. I have learnt that it all takes steps to improve health & it's up to me to make them. I feel more patient & clear headed. I have decided to cut as much processed food out of my family life as possible & now that I've got more energy I can easily whip up a batch of muffins for tomorrows school lunch while preparing tea. Everything seems to be flowing better (hard to put into words, but that what it feels like)
I have lost 4kgs. I know that it could have easily been more but with my birthday & my two children's falling in the 8 weeks & going away in the holidays, life was more of enjoying the moments & food lol. I spent about two years on the same weight & no matter what I tried it wouldn't budge. Now I know that it will come off & more importantly feel good & healthy as well. Most importantly for my health I have cut back on my nightly wine. I don't need it to relax anymore & don't miss it. I still have the odd wine on the weekend with my husband. VC

I was inspired to join Leanne's' Wellness Plan Workshop because of the topics it covered and because I needed a gentle reminder to focus on myself for a time.
The Wellness Plan Workshop helped me by reminding me of things I needed to focus on that I had let slip due to the busyness of life -  from keeping hydrated to exercise to sleep. Leanne added to this plan information about cell salts, flower remedies and nourishing food among other things. I enjoyed the program and learned a lot about the foods I should be eating.
The weekly inspirational emails were motivational and enlightening. I looked forward to reading them every week.
The result was excellent. I now make sure I consume more water daily, take time for myself and my awareness of the foods I eat has grown.
I found the experience to be like an exciting journey, which combined with the information shared, became an educational experience in respect of nutrition and general health and well-being.
Thank you for the incredible wisdom of your program. I have experienced an increase in my overall sense of well-being and confidence. I would recommend Leanne's Wellness Plan to people who need to stop and take check of their busy lives and to focus on themselves for a short while or people who want to take responsibility for their own health and well being but all the time being supported and guided by Leanne. PH

2014 in Review.

January was the first year in sixteen years that I had no homeschool planning to do. I thought I had another year of homeschooling to go but life didn't go that way. We let James do some work experience which he loved and later in the year it led to an apprenticeship with another company,

I think I was lucky being fully absorbed in my naturopathy studies for the transition of homeschooling to not homeschooling  to just happen. I'd read over the years how many homeschooling mums can feel quite empty when the journey finishes. I didn't find that and I contribute this due to me having my own studies to work on.


My much loved goat Molly died. She was one of the very first critters we got when we moved here - so she was well over 14 years old.  Gosh I still miss her daily. Gardening and walking in the paddock is just not the same at all. Annabelle from Drawing A Fine Line, a New Zealand artist painted our dear Molly and gave me the above water colour picture. It is very very special to me.


We had some mother and son bonding of making our first batch of homebrew from hops James had grown.


The biggest buzz is our first ever chestnut tree had 8 chestnuts on it in its very first season. It was planted on top of our  beloved Caro cat so she sure is giving it her blessing.


It was a tad windy at our place and a branch from the neighbours tree fell on the barn and caused extensive damage. 


The neighbours got 25 of their pine trees cut down. It sure makes a difference for my washing as before the pines would hide the sun in winter at 2pm. I'm loving the extra sun that is coming in and can rest easy knowing no more damage can happen to the barn.


I finished my first ever non scrappy quilt for a 21st birthday gift.

Abbey became a designer and began releasing her knitting patterns. 


Lambing time -and we doubted Tup our last years ram was up to the job he produced all twins and triplets.

Once again we had a lamb living in our bathroom - as you do.


A father and son project arrived. They imported a truck from California USA 

James was in a car accident and the ute was written off. Thank goodness he wasn't in a plastic car. I can't find the photo of the damage which was terribly scary for a mother to see. He was a very lucky boy to walk away from the crash. We have lots to be thankful for, 

infact James has given me quite a few frights this year. The first was when he went up to the shops for me to pick up a few errands and he came back with his hair shaved off. He has had long hair since he was 7 years old.

The other scare was James being in another accident and the bonnet of the truck blew up while he was driving 100ks on the motor way. He managed to stop safely and both Brent and James were unhurt. I'm terribly thankful. I had to laugh yesterday morning James undid more of the apron strings... I asked him to text me when he arrived at work.. he replied - "No mum you will be alright, you will be fine".


we are kiwifruit growers - big buzz

and I turned 50.

It has been a stressful, busy year with lots of changes - but one we have truly been counting our blessings

See you all next year xxx

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Farm Stay Guests...

 Pinot arrived today for his holiday - he was our very first guest when we  first opened up the cattery for a farm stay so he is rather special and we hold him a spot every year.

 Basil tucking into his mince

 Sammy refusing to look at the camera.

 Bella likes to sit on the perch and look at the boys (Bella is on the left) the boys quite like looking at Bella too

 Bella - a very pretty girl

 Leonardo who was not pleased that I took away his mince for a photo

 But worth it for a photo for his mum

 I think this was Muddy peeking through to Bella and Leonardo

 Milo who was in a frisky mood today maybe the catnip was the cause??

 Infact the three boys Milo,  Charles and Muddy were all frisky and playful

Charles eyeing up my feet to pounce on.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Happy Birthday to me

How do I put this but I really didn't fancy turning 5 0 it just seems sooo O L D.

I had some lovely friends who helped me get over myself and we celebrated at my favourite cafe - Harrison's Gardenworld Cafe. The weather was perfectly sunny then rained. The cafe rearranged tables inside for us even telling clients sorry these tables are going to be booked for the birthday group. Then the sun came out and we all sat outside again. Talk about spoilt and nothing was a trouble for the staff. As the norm the meals were yummy.

Aren't the flowers pwetty they are from my brother and his partner. They even came with a kiss from Kevin (owner of cafe who I worked with years ago). His wife Lynn made me beautiful citrus tarts for my birthday cake but I forgot to take photos of them.

I got soo spoilt from my friends and I will take photos to show tomorrow of all my awesome gifts. But let me show you what my friend Annette made as I know I have lots of quilty friends in blog land who will think this is such an awesome idea,

It is a jar of quilters lollies.

The top has a pin cushion

and inside is the quilters lollies

Six inch squares of fabric rolled up in cellophane in the shape of sweets,

It was all wrapped up in a fat quarter.

I had a fab day and so very blessed with an awesome group of very dear friends,

You know what, I feel no different at all now I am 50.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

cook up

Brent's style of a chimney

Farm Stay Guests
 Bella & Leonardo
 Milo and his mince