Sunday, 29 December 2013

What's in the herbarium herb press this week

With summer here it really is a busy time for the herb press to be working pressing samples for my herbarium collection. (I should of been studying instead of playing but man it's hard to be stuck indoors studying when I could be playing in the garden.)

 The lemon verbena is in full flower.

 so is yarrow

 and stevia is just coming into flower.

 Dogbane (Coleus cannis) is such an unusual herb, it is meant to be a deterrent to dogs. It sure is pongy when pressed - an awful smell - so much so that the herb press had to sit outside.

I'm thrilled with the press Brent made me for Christmas.


  1. That shot of the yarrow makes me long for summer!

  2. i love to press things from my garden and that press is awesome!

  3. What a beautiful press Brent made for you. It is large enough to do some good sized pressings & is also beautiful to look at. Brent does lovely work. Now you might even be able to fit that artichoke flower you were looking at a while back in that press (or not). When I looked at your photos, I could almost smell Summer,

  4. What a wonderful gift he made for your Leanne. That is just beautiful & will be so usefull for you also. Your herbs are alot further along than mine, my yarrow & lemon verbena is not flowering as yet. Raining here today - great for the garden :-)

  5. Happy birthday to youuuuuu
    happy birthday to youuuuuu
    happy birthday my dearest friend
    happy birthday to youuuuuuu.

    Hope you have a wonderful day
    will call later

  6. That is a beautiful press! I have a big one with a wooden crank on it, but I don't remember where I got it from!