Sunday, 29 December 2013

The weigh in...

I'm often told by owners that their vet says their cat needs to go on a D I E T..

Often I disagree.

A Burmese/ Mandalay should not be skinny, they are not a Siamese or Oriental. They should feel heavier and be more muscular than they look. When you pick them up they should feel more solid and heavy boned.

For some fun we have done a weigh in for all the boys staying here (It's terribly impolite to talk about a girls weight you know)

Charles - Nearly 11 years old and one handsome fellow who does what he wants when he wants - He is from our first litter of kittens & a solid fellow for his age. 7.1 kg

Ollie - A very solid man cat, with loads of character and a few distinguishing battle scars too. He reminds Brent of a big old lion .  7.5 kg

Muddy - He's built like a tank and feels very solid when you pick him up. 
Muddy is a bit of a stirrer when he's here  7.5kg

Milo - The 4th and youngest fellow of the bunch above. Milo is a young whipper-snapper and often has his brothers on, the occasional cuff on their tails as they walk past or clout on the head if they go under his chair. Milo always pushes the boundaries with his brothers and weighs in at  5.5 kg 

Basil - a very friendly and cruisy boy- nothing seems to phase Basil, he walked straight up to Brent the first time he saw him and started purring . Its very hard to get a good photo of Basil as he's always up to something -7.5 kg

 Sammy - One very good looking Mandalay boy, a very confident and handsome fellow - 6 kg.

Pinot  arrived today -  Another very handsome black Mandalay boy.  This photo is from his last stay, Pinot now has a new fashionable black/brown collar I'll get a photo of him tomorrow. - 7.8 kg

Lord of the Rings Black Rider -  The dad of most of the cats that stay here. Oh My, Lordy is the heaviest of all and a whopping 8 kg. (Those Panther cheeks must weigh 2 kg)
Being an entire cat for most of his life means Lord has had plenty of muscle building testosterone pulsing through his system. 
We are rather proud of our boy and also of all the cats that come back to stay here too. Its nice for owners to know that their cats come from good solid man cat lines.  

PSSST we are no diet camp here. Your cats can eat as much as they like (They are on holiday you know) and may possibly come home heavier than when they arrived. 

You don't need to worry about the D I E T  word for your man cat, they are all supposed to be the big handsome fellows they are.

Disclaimer some photos have been from previous stays - We ran out of time to take photos and do all the weigh ins today


  1. I agree, cats are not supposed to be skinny. My poorq little bella is a. British short hair and they are a stocky breed. My vet says she is fine but other tell me she is getting fatal bugger them I say. Go the stocky breeds I fit in well with them

    1. LOL yes British Blues are stocky too. My Laura (mumma to many of the cats) IS too tubby for a girl but what do you expect after having so many kittens... Cinders on the other hand like to keep her figure trim and is very slight. Love L

  2. Lovely boys, but my fav is Lordy, love his face and serious eyes. However did you get them to sit still on the scales? or was it one of the new digital hold in the air ones? I'm hoping to get a photo of our new visitor, ginger and white , white socks, huge tail, very,very fluffy, ( like a fox), but only here at night, and don't want the flash to scare him off. On holiday, why worry about a diet, it should be fun for all. Cheers, Jean.

    1. Jean the weigh in was very untechnical - I stood on the scales and held the cats one at a time and subtracted my weight. Love l

  3. My vet says Alice is just right but I feel she's a bit too thin so I feed her all she'll eat. But then, she's rather nervous as well, AND a picky eater. As long as she doesn't get skinny......

    1. Cats can be terribly fussy eaters can't they. I'd like to see more weight on our Cinders but she is slight and likes to watch her figure. Love l