Thursday, 19 December 2013

The brothers have arrived.

 Hello says Charles (Litter brother to our Laura)

 There are no flies on Charles! As all older brothers do - he bagged the bed he wanted to sleep in first before his younger brothers got a chance to choose.

Muddy tried to con his brothers that he could surf while on holiday

 Ollie tucked into the grub

 Milo bagged the best viewing spot

I wish it was a video I'd taken as you'd of seen the bum wiggle in action

Milo getting down low as he has spied

Something a going on in the dove cote.

baby birds

Singing their little hearts out.

The boys are more than happy to be back. We hope their family have a super holiday too!


  1. What a family of super lads, and the babies, we hope to have thrush and blackbird littlies very soon. Cheers, Jean.

  2. I love seeing the quilt in the cats' 'lounge'! My cat has to be the highest user of every quilt in our house! I know a quilt has his seal of approval when he curls up on it (often while I am still trying to make it!) I think he would feel right at home at your 'homestay'!