Sunday, 22 December 2013

Summer Solstice

December is the month of celebration. Celebrating Christmas, Summer Solstice, or if you are upside down from us Winter Solstice and then welcoming in the New Year.

It's the most wonderful time of the year - especially for us sun lovers, Summer Solstice marks the beginning of summer which  is my time of year, and when New Zealand's Christmas trees bursts into flower.

The very first year our Christmas tree (the Pohutakawa tree) has flowered (it is only 1 year old)

The Christmas lily (lily regale) is blooming and her heady scent is wonderful.

Garlic us usually planted on the shortest day (Winter Solstice) but I always plant mine earlier, and harvest around the longest day (Summer Solstice).I'm thrilled with my garlic bulbs- I've yet to count how many bulbs we got but it is the biggest haul to date and I still have more to harvest - as ran out of time yesterday

Farm stay Guests...
No photos taken last night - Molly and Bella have arrived they stayed the day inside they did eat their mince so that is a good sign as they were a little home sick to begin with. Today I'll move them into the outdoor run. The brothers don't seem to be home sick at all - Milo who is a fussy eater at home tucks into the mince before his brothers get a look in.


  1. Beautiful! Happy solstice and many blessings to you and your family xx

  2. Thank you for sharing some summer sunshine and photos of your beautiful garden. I am sitting here on an English winter night, with a rug over my knees and storms raging outside. What a treat to see bright flowers and a New Zealand Christmas Tree!

  3. Happy solstice to you! Your garlic harvest is huge. We will be pulling ours up hopefully today or tomorrow. We didn't plant as much this year. Only the two of us and the kids don't seam to be eating it like they did here.

  4. *pouts* My pohutukawa tree has flowered yet...I'm jealous! (J/K) and like always I've only just bought and planted Christmas lillies going cheap as they were sprouting IN the bag. ( "When will I ever learn" tune goes off in my head!)
    and garlic...time to lift mine, yes??

  5. It is definitely a Winter Solstice where I live. We had an ice storm today. I had my trees all trimmed during our summer and I had branches snapped in both my front and back yards and branches hanging clear to the ground in my front yard today. I'm surprised that we did not lose electricity with all the ice hanging on the power lines. It made a beautiful site since the ground was warm enough that the roads were clear. In contrast, my brother who lives 1000 miles away where I was raised and is more apt to have snow this time of year had a temperature of 77 degrees F today. We are having weird weather in the US lately. Your tree is beautiful. I love flowers and haven't had any flowering plants in my yard in years because I didn't think I was up to taking care of them. I'm feeling better and plan to plant some in the spring. I think they make a house look more homey and beautiful. Makes a house look like someone really cares about it. Thanks for the beautiful post. Merry Christmas.

  6. So nice to see flowers! Winter solstice here, cold, damp, sleet and ice over much of the surrounding area.

  7. Beautiful photos from the other side of my world :) It is rainy and dark here, the cold weather is returning after a brief warm up :)