Friday, 20 December 2013

Scrappy Quilt finished just in time for Christmas.

Finished just in time for Christmas by Abbey for her poodle Stella.
It's looking a bit wavy in photo but hadn't been pressed. The last stitch in binding had just been sewn down and we didn't really spread it out before the photo. I can't take another one as it is all wrapped up

Scrappy nine patch blocks
 white for centre then scrappy pink and red all cut 2.5 inches
 (each block finished 6 inches)
White sashing 2 inches wide
polka dot border 2 .5 inches
polka dot binding cut 2.5 inches

I'm a real fan of nine patches and by putting a white centre gives the traditional 9 patch a different look.

Abbey loves using white as her background in quilts and it is terribly hard to find white on white quilt fabric. (I use cream) but white does give a lovely fresh look.

The red, white and pink colour scheme suits Stella just perfect.
She is one loved poodle.

 A rolly polly of approval.

Abbey used one of her stencils she brought I think she said this one was called fairy wings. It was the first time she tried free motion quilting - and she taught herself. A poodle quilt was just the right size to learn on. Isn't she a clever girl!

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  1. hey don't poodles have to wait for Santa like other dogs do! I must say the red suits her.
    Well Abbey, you did good again, this little quilt is adorable. I like your choice of stencil, it's perfect for the block design. You are also braver than me, I have never attempted to FMQ a quilt, just samples!

  2. Lovely little quilt for Stella....

  3. Is Stella getting a trial test of her present so early? Lovely quilt Abbey, the white centres make those squares "POP", and as for FMQ, I struggled to do the 12 inch squares. Your stencil choice is just right for this. Greetings to all, Jean.

  4. Very beautiful. I made a quilt for my Schnauzer JuJu and as soon as I finished it and laid it on the floor, she got on it and it was HERS! Sadly JuJu had to leave but she is still in her favorite place under my side of the bed and wrapped in HER quilt. (She was cremated,)

  5. Oh! I'm loving the quilt girl...beautiful!

  6. Beautiful quilt abbey, and what a spoilt puppy Stella. Well done.

  7. Abbey your handwork is always so lovely, it seems you can turn your hand to anything.

  8. Stella is such a princess & I can't believe that beautiful quilt was handcrafted is being gifted to a dog. Only kidding, I can't talk being that I've made plenty of little quilts for cats. I like nine patch too. There are so many way to change the look & if you thrown in a different alternating block, snowball is my favorite, it changes it even more. Love the reds & pinks together. The white gives the quilt such a crisp fresh look. I use a lot of cream too, but I am going to force myself to make a "modern quilt" this coming year. I have a love affair with reproduction prints and rich Autumn colors, but I need something to break me out of my rut. Nice white on white is hard to find, especially at a reasonable price.I have a all my blocks finished for a Christmas quilt, but haven't found a white tone on tone that I like, so it will have to be given next year. I use a lot of Kona Snow, it seems to go with almost everything I sew. Abby did a fantastic job on the free hand quilting. The fairy wings pattern is lovely. Abby is such a talented young woman and she picked just the right sized project to quilt on a home machine. If she takes such good care of her dear Stella.
    Funny to see Stella taking a roll on her gift before it was wrapped. Now when she opens it on Christmas, the quilt will be pretested & Stella approved. Such a silly DIVA.

  9. Great going Abbey! Hey, that's cheating Stella, you got to try your present out before Christmas!

  10. Hello Leanne,

    Abbey has done a super job on the quilt.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family, all the best for 2014.

    Happy days.

  11. Yikes, I thought I was on another blog, Leanne! I'm getting old by the second. My dear Stella looks happy on her quilt! Congrats to Abbey for doing such a great job. Happy Christmas to my favorite kiwis! xo

  12. hmmm, my first comment went askew.....You are so very talented! And I love how stella loves her blanket.

  13. It's beautiful! Great job! Have a Merry Christmas!

  14. Oh Stella you are a spoilt girl!! Abbey's quilting is gorgeous, such a pretty colour combination.

  15. Gorgeous!!! Well done Abbey, lucky little Stella.