Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Farm Stay guests

Welcome to Sammy and Basil both who have never ever been in a cattery before

Sammy took to us no problem

Basil said I want my mummy and sat in the igloo which is fine. We always let the cats come to us when they are ready and on their own terms. Basil came out later in the afternoon for a little look about so he is being brave.

 Multi tasking with Milo and Ollie

nothing like a good old chin rub thinks Milo

Ollie wasn't too pleased with having to share the attention.

  Poor Abbey was mauled by a man cat.

  evil grin - much better thinks Ollie I now have her full attention.

we know to watch for love bites from Muddy but Ollie caught us out.

Charles being the oldest out of the bunch was sure mighty interested in trying to see the lady cats next door.

  The peeping Tom was caught on camera.

Molly likes to put on a show for the man cats next door and us too

  Oh dear the petting photo of Molly looks like a Yoda impersonation.

Bella lapping up the petting

 Bella sure is interested in watching the comings and goings of the starlings nesting in the dove cote.

It's Christmas eve here today. We have been weather watching for the next few days planning are we going to have an indoor picnic or an outdoor picnic.


Latest reading

Wind:28 km/hr.
Rain Today:0.0
Updated: 24/12 05:00

Today's Forecast

Periods of rain. Strong NW, gusting 70 km/h.

Wed's Forecast

Fine spells, afternoon showers. Southerly change.


  1. Lovely boys and girls, and the weather forecast, last time I tried to do that it was a dismal failure. We have a "shed repair" scheduled for today... HaHa. Two tall men to do ladder stuff. maybe without even needed a stepstool!!! Baking done. Just waiting for tomorrow morn. Greetings to all, Jean

    1. Good luck with shed repairs. Baking gets done today - Stockings have started being opening last night. It's going to be a very relaxing next few days around our place.

  2. Look at all those moggy's *heart*...I love some of the expressions you caught on camera, Leanne.

    We're doing some last-minute cleaning today but otherwise all ready for the festivities. {{hugs}} Marry Christmas Eve to you! XX

    1. that was me BTW...I signed in with the wrong account!

    2. oh we are soo B A D. We all said lets open one present last night and we did from the stockings. This morning the kids asked if we should open another... and before you know it we had opened another and another...

  3. They all look most at home Leanne - I would love to stay at your place if I was a cat - look at that gorgeous quilt they get to sleep in. Its lovely to see them enjoying their interaction with you too. Happy moggies :-)

    1. Thanks Julie it is a really great feeling knowing that the owners trust us to look after their loved family pets. We bred all the cats staying and it really is awesome seeing how they have all turned out.
      Love Leanne

  4. Hello! We just found you blog and think it's lovely. What a wonderful place for cats to stay! It's like a five star hotel. Have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Warm welcome Alice Marie.. Thanks for the kind words, the farm stay began after we stopped breeding cats and is just a little hobby that funds all the loved pets here. Most of the cats that come to stay are kittens we have bred over the years all growed up now. It is lovely to have them come back home for the holidays SMILE. (Warning the blog is a tad random at times.) Love Leanne

  5. Replies
    1. They are really fun to have - all are similar but their personalities all so different. Just tucked them all in for the night and all are settled. Have a lovely Christmas. Love Leanne

  6. Lucky cats to be staying with you!

    Enjoy your Christmas picnic.

    1. Oh thank you for the kind words, we have tried to make the farm stay as we would like our own cats be treated - ours have never been to a cattery and I know wouldn't be too pleased. So knowing this we treat the cats that come to us, as we would like our own pets treated. It is really wonderful knowing the owners can enjoy their holidays knowing their loved family pet is being well cared for. I'm always so amazed how quickly the cats settle in and give us loves. Love Leanne PS weather doesn't look too good for an outdoor picnic.