Thursday, 19 December 2013

Dogs, garden and books

How do you blog about a much loved family member who is well, but not well?

Mack is comfortable - his pain killers keep any aches and pains under control.(don't ask the price, we are greatful for the koha's from the cattery which supports all our animals here at Cottage Tails.) 
The old fella has gone off his food - well that was until the cook changed the menu and is cooking chicken and tinned fish for his dinner.- two meals a day so he has something in his tummy for his meds.

We know we are on borrowed time - but Mack is comfortable and hopefully around for a bit longer yet.
Our vet and vet nurses are rather fond of old Mack too.

 I've been working in the garden all week with high hopes to of got all the weeding up to date.

It's terribly hard not to be frustrated when visitors call in to see you - lovely to see folks but I was on a mission and oh my my story My Notorious Life by Kate Manning it is one that I don't want to put down.
it is revolting in parts but based loosely on Ann Trow Lohman


  1. Aww poor Mack. I think he and Cricket must be following similar paths. Cricket on arthritis meds now - ouch the price, but it does help him. Hoping some swims in the sea this summer will help too. Thanks for the book recommendation. I've read some great reviews on that book, so am putting it on my audible wish list.

  2. it is just too sad when our animals age. poor mack, i hope he hangs in there for quite some time.

  3. Ite horrible when you have to think about that day, while he is happy enjoy him. That's the hardest part of pet ownership. But I love them so much I know that letting them go is the best I can do for them. Give him an extra cuddle from me. xxx

  4. Darling Mack, Big hugs from your English Aunty xx

    When Ellie grew old, I would buy all sorts of goodies to tempt her. I'm glad Mack is enjoying some tasty meals to keep his strength up. I recently discovered fish jerky, which has all the dogs in the neighbourhood after me LOL

  5. I actually got a great big lump in my throat reading todays post Leanne as we had to put our dear old soul to sleep last Easter & I still miss him a great deal. Dogs seem to enter another sort of phase when they get old & they kind of go down a cog or 2, but bits of them still think they are puppy-like., I can see in photo 2 that Mack still thinks he can get round like a big puppy. Just look at that most gorgeous face in photo 1 - doesnt that just melt your heart. Theres definately something very special about old dogs. I just adore them. Please give him a great big pat & a gentle hug from me xox p.s your garden is looking beautiful

  6. Magnificent Mack the Mastiff is now on my desktop -- I hope you don't mind me "borrowing" him Leanne. Please give him big pats from Rose and Tony.

    1. Rose I've burst into tears reading this.Not like me at all. I wonder if it is cause I was just reading Facebook page of HUHANZ I 'm off soon to vets to get some more pain killers for Mack the vet stocks the dose just for Mack. He is eating well but it is gourmet food to tempt him SMILE.

  7. Love these photos Leanne and I hope he keeps on keeping on for a while yet. Unbelievable how close to our hearts our pets get. Give him a hug and a little chicken from me too please.

  8. The poor thing, I hope he is enjoying his gourmet meals. They really are family member and so difficult to see them in pain.