Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas Day is a relaxing day at our place taking time out from a busy work schedule to just be. Some gifts shared and a picnic lunch. with desert for dinner,

Chocolate ginger bread men wheat free, dairy free, nut free, and egg free.

1 ½ cups of chickpeas cooked (soak chickpeas over night and cook or use tinned chickpeas drained well) I prefer to cook my own chickpeas.

1 ¼ cup fresh apple pure (about 3 granny smiths)

225g 72% Whittakers dark Ghana chocolate (Use a double boiler and melt the chocolate) This is dairy free

½ teaspoon baking powder

40g cocoa

1/3 cup date molasses.(can find at Mediterranean food warehouse)

Mix all well until very smooth in a food processor.

Bake at 170deg C for about 30 mins.

Tastes very fudgie and people really can not tell it was made with chickpeas.

 Our picnic lunch roast turkey, lettuce salad, rice salad and watermelon and feta salad. The day turned out hot and sunny - perfect! Plenty of left overs for the next few days BLISS.

Farm Stay Guests.

  The guests all enjoyed their toy mice.

Some of the boys were too busy watching the farm animals get fed to have their turkey and giblets.

 Bella and Molly have impeccable manners and wait ever so lady like for their dinner to be served.

Basil and Sammy tucked into their turkey feast. Basil is over being shy and joins Sammy in welcoming us when we visit - very smoochy boys.


  1. Glad you had a lovely day Leanne. Looks like lots of contented pets as well as contented people!

  2. Christmas Greetings Leanne!
    What a haven you've created for the cats - they all look very happy with their Christmas toy!!
    Lunch looks very yummie - I'm sure you all had a fun day at your house.
    Thank you for your friendship this year.

  3. I hope you have a wonder Christmas!

  4. Looks like all the house guests enjoyed their Christmas. Dinner looked yummy and perfect for the hot day we had.

  5. Looks Yummy! Merry Christmas!!

  6. Looks like a lovely day Leanne, Merry Christmas!! (better late than