Tuesday, 3 December 2013

At the farm stay

Laura posing for photos - Yea all know she is my favourite aye..

 Beau sunbathing

 Sienna watching the birds

 Don't yea just love hearing a cat talk to the birds.

The bird feeder is not one of my better ideas - having a big bird feeder doesn't mean you have to fill up the feeder less often - it means you go through a lot more bird feed as the birds eat more.

 The birds seem to waste a lot of food too flicking it into the cattery. And yes birds do squeeze in through the rafters to eat the seed...when the cats are not there. Clever birds!

My Christmas wish list has been sabataged..I'm out voted 

What more does a girl want/need for Christmas other than a rooster? 

Rory as an old gentleman of 14 years old.

I sure miss my beloved Rory rooster He was such a gentle old fella.

Not like Prince he was the nastiest rooster ever and has put the family off roosters for life...
He was a real MEAN rooster..

But I really miss the morning crow of a rooster - I've had one for 14 years and it seems not quite right without a rooster crowing in the mornings.

It's not like I put a donkey on my Christmas wish list (which I'd rather like too)

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  1. Laura is such a beautiful cat. OH, I'm sorry the rooster has been scratched off your list!

  2. Love your cute kitty and the chickens. I would think it would be fun having a rooster around. Great photos, thanks for sharing. Have a happy week!

  3. Now a donkey is something id love. If you get a good rooster all is well with the word, but most are not and then well I suppose it's chicken for dinner

  4. I'm sure the donkey would be a favorite!

  5. Makes me think about and miss my beauty, my black cat who died in August...Spencer Ivy was one of my favorites, for 16 beautiful years~

  6. Hehe why don't you put something outrageous on your list which the family will reject and give you a rooster instead?! Your cat pics are gorgeous!