Saturday, 21 December 2013

A little something for ME

 I enjoy getting The Company Shed emails and drooling over all their wonderful products.
 When they offered free shipping I weakened and brought a little something for me

I'm telling myself it is a need not a want as my old much loved seed tin (owned by Brent's dad) was over flowing of seed packs to a shoe box

The seed packet organiser has plenty of room for my seeds to be all in one box.

I couldn't help myself I just had to start playing and organising,.even though I was asked should I be opening it before my birthday? Like who wants to organise on ones birthday? Now it is all done ready.

I've organised it into seasons and the seeds are all organised for 2014. (I didn't know I had so many cucumber or spinach seed packs)

Down the side I will keep  the seed sower

I reakon the best $2.99 I've spent in a long time - it's all loaded with radish seeds. Imagine having just a few seed sown at a time instead of in a clump and then lots of thinning out later. Such a handy gadget.

 Ta da all organised.

The lid is on but I'll just have a little play today planting carrots and radish  (we are into the last quarter so the best time to plant root crops if you garden by the moon) Once planted I'll wrap it up and not play with it until after my birthday - promise.

If you want one too you can get it in blue or burgundy at The Company Shed - warning soo many wonderful things at The Company Shed to tempt you!

Farm Stay Guests...

The boys are enjoying their stay but boy do they sleep in. .Such city boys!
 They are going to get room service in a minute as I want to get cracking and out in garden before the sun gets too hot.
 Molly and Bella arrive today - their beds are all made up waiting.


  1. i love these tins! it is always fun to treat one's self!

  2. THAT looks like the perfect gift for you. I like that you organized it all ahead of time. What a nice birthday surprise that will make. lol

  3. The Company Shed products are always lovely, and so well made. The seed sower is a fantastic idea, no matter how hard I try I can't sow thinly!! Now no more peeking......

    1. The Company Shed is a dangerous place soo many great things there. James gave me his gift to feel and I felt too much and was able to have a little peek - I'm such a big kid who HATES surprizes. GIGGLE

  4. Oh - that organizer looks spiffy! I can't believe I've gone this long without a seed-sower - especially for carrots. I'm forever growing wonky carrots because I don't thin them fast enough. Things I'll be looking to get in the spring!

  5. What a great organizer and so perfect for you! Enjoy. Very cold and snowy here today. I have to load my Jeep up today and head down the valley. Should be a pretty drive. Merry Christmas my friend! Love, Kit

  6. That is a handsome cat, If I was to be a cat I would like to be that handsome!