Sunday, 3 November 2013

Typical Saturday at our place.

Stella the poodle thinks grandma is a real stink grandma....but as Stella belongs to Abbey - Stella can do lots of things that grandma wouldn't let her do. Such as lie on Abbey's bed. But never Stink grandma's bed, or the couches. Grandma sure is one stink grandma!

 Stella has been hanging out with the blokes all week long - grandad had a week off work to do wood .

 Saturday was spent splitting the wood - today Sunday (Brent's birthday is wood splitting too..)

 Bags of pinecones have been gathered.

 Hired a mulcher but it really was too small and for the effort was not economical

 First large pile of split wood sitting ready to dry for winter.

 Stella's best part of the day is morning and afternoon tea tit bits. Stella loves fruit and the boys always share.

Brent has enjoyed having cake - a koha for some naturopath services- he reakons that lady can come again with cake. he sure enjoyed it.
Stella can put on the big soppy eye look 

 which gives her lots of tit bits.. even a bit of cake when Abbey isn't looking from grandad. (SHHHH)

 Mack can't just hang out with the boys as he tends not to stay,and will wonder off. Mack is a naughty old fella and if not 100% supervised will get into trouble... Such as stealing the cats blankets sitting to be washed.

Or having a snack ... Betty keeps getting out of the fenced area into the garden and if Mack saw her he just wouldn't be able to resist.


  1. I'm sure you think like we do, winter firewood split and out to dry is a very comforting thought . We hired a HUGE mulcher from Wanganui a few years ago, massive beast, and did it all in super fast time. the big opening where we pushed the wood in was about 1 metre wide and deep, had a push bar that worked in fwd, or reverse if you had a jam up. Our own little one wasn't up to the size. Stella, why not she says, and Brent, one week off work to a week of another kind. Happy Fawkes, do you celebrate, or as we do, listen and watch to it going on all around. Greetings to all, Jean.

    1. Morning Jean - looks like we are in for another wonderful spring day. Yes very satisfying knowing we have dry wood for next winter. Lots of hard work tho. Sure appreciate James helping. I'm busy keeping them fed and ice drinks through the day. The mulcher sounds much better than the one we hired - totally an expensive way to get mulch. No we don't celebrate Guy Fawkes it is terrifying for the animals - much prefer they only allow organised events then it is one night and finished. Here we have them going off for days - poor animals.
      Love Leanne

  2. Happy birthday to Brent, we hope he has enjoyed his week off. Love the photo of miss Stella on Abbeys bed.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  3. what a face stella has! i guess stealing the cats bed is better than stealing the cat. which is exactly what teddy would do! i wish i had a wood pile like that! happy birthday brent!!!

  4. Thanks for letting me visit your Saturday! Lovely lots of fire wood, I sight I love.....cause I Love winter! I have been collecting pinecones, I keep old sacks in the boot of the car & when ever I see them on the side of the road, I stop & collect.

  5. I love that top photo! really made me smile!

    Leanne xx

  6. Stella is Beautiful!!
    Mack is Adorable and poor Betty...although she does look, tasty...Hahaaaaa...