Tuesday, 5 November 2013

New Moon

Another new moon has come - Wellington, New Zealand  at 1.50 am, yesterday (4th)., this month in Scorpio
Here in New Zealand we could not see the solar eclipse which crossed the Atlantic Ocean and equatorial Africa.

A new moon is always a good time time to flush out old emotional patterns and start something new- Bach remedies can be extremely helpful in assisting the changes we want. Tomorrow I'll share some I have taken and why....

With a new moon arriving it is  time to  not only sow intention in ourselves but also time to sow seeds in the garden and get planting.from Wednesday (not root crops)

We are gearing up to plant the summer garden. My sweet corn seedlings I sowed last month are ready to be planted,  plus it is time to sow another row of beans and to plant tomatoes. Only problem is I don't have enough garden space - but Brent says that is because I keep planting herbs where vegetables are meant to go...

In the weekend we popped into Ruth Pretty's she has some Isle of Capri tomatoes for sale .

Her gardener has a been sharing plants from a little stand at the back of the shop - so do ask where the plants are.You can get a cuppa coffee and a little something too.


  1. Oh I love your summery picture with those tomato seedlings! I'm really missing the summer today as it will be dark by 4:30 and it was below freezing this morning. Our summer went by too, too quickly!

  2. Oh, Pooh Bear! This is why we love you. :-)

    I am a Scorpio, Leanne. Maybe it being a new moon AND in Scorpio I can sow some especially potent seeds of intent!

  3. I've been watching the moon too, as I'm getting ready to plant sunflower seeds.