Thursday, 7 November 2013

Naturopath in training.

I'm really soo blessed. I have an amazing amount of support from friends and the family for taking on study - at my age and stage of life GASP! I have appreciated their understanding that my time is so limited for socailising and that they turn a blind eye to weeds in the garden, and the house is not as tidy as it usually is when they pop in.

 My family have all stepped up and helped - James has been putting a lot of energy into learning to cook really nice meals that we have all enjoyed. Abbey has been helping with my computer skills for submitting my assignments - drawing pictures via computer is rather hard. Brent has been soo supportive acknowledging my extra work load and doesn't mind if some days I just can't do everything.

Plus thank you blog readers - I am soo far behind in answering emails, comments and catching up with your blogs. I do read every single email or comments and really appreciate them - I will answer soon.
Thank you.

We have had no cats staying at the Farm Stay so I've turned the runs into my office

 It's really handy to have the massage table set up to practise on.

 The table just fits in perfect.

 The kitchen is minus one bar stool to put  bits n bobs on.

 One of runs has been converted to the interview room SMILE - My friends have been soo wonderful at letting me practise taking their health history. It really is humbling having their  trust in me  to share.

 I've put a peek a boo underneath the face hole so when friends and family are on the table they have something to look at.

The sensation lilac is still flowering and smells divine!

The cattery will be back to normal when our guest arrive.

Basil and Sammy will be visiting soon, I can hardly wait to see them.


  1. Good you Leanne for your dedication. A great idea to make good use of your cattery like that!! You aren't the only one behind in reading and comments etc. I hope to spend the next little while back-reading your blog, I notice there are some recipes and gorgeous photos I have missed...have a great day :-)

  2. hey! maybe you can practice on those kitties too. i bet they would like little massages! haha! good for james learning to cook!

    1. I'll fess up I practice on Stella - she is sooo funny and laps it all up - the faces she pulls of pure bliss are soo funny. James is an amazing cook we all look forward to what he is going to cook.
      Love leanne

  3. You are so very innovative, Leanne! I love your peek-a-boo table and totally agree on the amazing support from family and friends when studying. {{hugs}} Have an awesome day!

  4. I only wish I could be a guinea-pig!

  5. Leanne you may want to look into getting a graphics input device for the drawing, they are easier to manipulate than a mouse or trackpad and can be picked up relatively cheaply now.

  6. Well done Leanne. I know how hard it is to study. In the beginning I thought a double diploma wouldn't be THAT hard....well not hard, but very time consuming. I am now running a meditation class which is part of my diplomas so this had to be added in to my days.....Loving the course, but will enjoy the end as well....

    1. JUlie it is hard to fit everything in. But I am finding it is also helping me prioritise just what I do want in my day. I did enjoy being in garden yesterday - this weekend James and I are planting our summer garden. We have a we competition on of who's garden is going to grow the best veges. James has the upper hand as he went gathering seaweed for his garden last night. I'll get gathering sheep poop today for mine.

  7. Great idea to put something down there for people to look at and easy to change up to keep it continually interesting.

  8. I'm with Kathy, I wish I could be one of your Guinea Pigs at the cattery too!!
    I think you do a marvelous job, remember you are human......NOT super human.
    P.S love the peep place, pretty flowers to look at.

  9. You sound wonderful! Friends and family ARE being good to you, but I bet they really enjoy it. I know I would ;-) You truly are blessed.

  10. Replies
    1. YEA!!!! You might not get such posh treatment as cattery booked up when you you next here. I've plenty of time to practice before you arrive SMILE.