Saturday, 16 November 2013

Convalescence and bed rest

 "Hmm - I've worked out Mack is confined and can't get me" Thinks Gus 

He's asleep now - I'm going to sneak around the other side and peck his head

  Hang on he's got one eye open

 oh shit - now there's two of them

  Stella's getting closer

 Maybe I can get both of them

I can grab Stella's  tail while she's not looking
(Goose totally oblivious to the menacing stare from the Mastiff. Look into the eyes of the Mastiff if you dare and note the tail position - he is a very old breed,  this is the result of centuries of genetics at work. One shudders to think what is going on inside that brain right at this moment )

Nope - now Mack the Mastiff is awake too, I will just stay out of reach and annoy him for a little while longer

Mack got so frustrated not being able to get his jaws around that goose, he had to do something - so he chewed up and shredded his mattress bed instead

Perhaps Mack is nearly back to his full potential.


  1. Mack is looking better, these wounds take a long time to heal properly, sorry Gus didn't get as much fun as he wanted. Cheers, Jean.

  2. awww...i see mack's boo boo. how is he healing?

  3. Miss, I like the stories about Mack.

  4. Watch out guss, mack will get out of there and then my friend your goose may be cooked!
    Good to see mack getting better.

  5. Lol how funny . Cheeky goose x

  6. Mack will be glad to be out of the cage!
    I bought Lentils!

    1. Yea Mack will be pleased to be back in his own yard off the kitchen deck. YEA for lentils. I'm driving my family and friends nuts with my nutrition unit. LOVING it Right back to books.

  7. This is Just Too Funny! Love Goose...
    So glad Mack is getting better!

  8. ROFL!!! Glad to hear the big guy is on the mend!

  9. I'm hoping he is as good as new :)