Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Cats and movies...


The blog hasn't had photos of the cats on for awhile. Usually I don't have my camera with me when I am letting the cats out.

 We have a routine where the dogs get locked up and the cats get out for their walk about
Our cats are ex breeding cats so have never been socailised with dogs.

Maji is the only cat that likes Stella.
Mack likes none of the cats. (Well he does actually)

Laura is our bed buddy, and I never think to take the camera to the bedroom to get photos.I should as she has such a fun routine. .Laura becomes a kitten again every night as she plays with her strings before settling down to a wash and then a sleep. She is very much a routine cat..

Laura sleeps all night never needs to go outside. However every full moon she races around the room and usually ends being put back out in cattery.

Lordy is the ex stud cat - he never is allowed in the house unsupervised.

Lordy still likes to spray and tom cat pee is something I won't have in the house. Such a shame as he is a beautiful cuddly boy.

Freya is my worry! See she can hear me call..

KNOWS I am calling her but totally chooses to ignores me.

Lets have a close up of that face
doesn't that just say NO!
Get stuffed!
 I'm not coming when you call me.

Here she goes heading off to the busy road again!
The most annoying part is she usually leads the other cats out to the road.
Yesterday she was off by herself
I am seriously thinking of finding her a new home where there is no traffic.
I don't want her to end up a road statistic or the other cats, from her taking them out the front gate.
You would think 3 acres and over 5 acres either side she wouldn't head for the road wouldn't you. Beatrix one of our grey cats did this too. - So maybe it is a grey thing wanting to lie on grey asphalt or something... SHUDDER! Freya causes me great worry!


The kids and I snuck off to the movies - totally spur of the moment and saw One Chance.
We all enjoyed it very much - rating 4.5 /5 Well worth going to see - even my non opera son enjoyed it.

I've just had a lovely read at Paul Potts personal blog Here is the link to his blog. 


  1. omg...i have to see this movie. i am going to love it! a snow storm is on the way!!! woohoo!!!!

  2. Yes, one movie on my list. The road, a real worry, maybe an automatic water canon as she gets nearer the road, James, an idea for you to work on!!!. Greetings to all, Jean.

  3. There's Lordy, my lovely boy. He looks like a luscious panther on the prowl!

  4. She totally has a 'get stuffed' look on her face! Thats exactly what I was thinking before I read your comment. Haha. She has always been my favourite of your cats. I wish…….. :o)

    1. I wish she wasn't so norty!!! My heart drops when she wanders down to the road.
      Love Leanne

  5. I've seen that look too! Got to love those independent cats.
    I'm glad you liked the movie, I was considering going to see it. I just might go on my own. Thanks for the review.

    1. Oh do go - I smiled to myself thinking how lucky I am that the kids want to come and see "my type" of movie with me and I really enjoyed watching them enjoy it too. The fact that it is based on a true story is wonderful His wife is a very special lady!!!
      Love Leanne

  6. Your kitties are gorgeous! LOL, and it looks like one or two of them have "attitude," LOL.