Thursday, 10 October 2013

What's happening in your herb patch?

Tell me, what’s happening in your herb patch?
I'd love to see what herb is growing in your herb patch on your own blog, take a photo and come back and link up with Mr linky tool.

This weeks herb growing in our garden is Tobacco Golden Newt Nicotiana tabacum

Two and  a half years ago while unschooling, James began his first vegetable garden. One of our homeschooling principals has been learning needs to be interesting and relevant.Growing tobacco plants is much more interesting than growing turnips for a teenage boy - don't you think?

The project gave him the love of gardening and he has sold his plants to friends  and on Trade Me which helped fund his guitar parts. Some of his clients have been grandmothers who have the tobacco plants growing in their garden for the flowers (and to tell their grand children they are growing tobacco) SMILE.

Many have purchased the tobacco for sacred ritual use and of course you can use this to smoke if you are a smoker. I'd highly recommend you grew your own tobacco as the commercial crop has a list of 599 additives some being addictive.... to enhance the addictive potency of nicotine.
Some cultures use Sacred Tobacco  for prayer, protection, respect and healing. The smoke from tobacco rises to the sky carrying prayers to the spirit world. Scattering Sacred Tobacco on the earth can also be used as an offering to give thanks.

This years tobacco is growing in his vegetable garden from the seed he harvested and re sowed 

Betty has taken a shine to the tobacco patch and keeps laying her eggs in it (can you see the eggs in the above photo LOL) She is now my favourite hen.(and is the name sake of one of our librarians)

Harvesting the tobacco leaves

Drying his leaves in the barn

Drying using dehydrator and making  his cigars.... Oh My

Can you believe James and Brent lit the cigars with the cutting torch when they first tried them?
They tell me they were rough and it probably has put James off smoking for life.

 I get soo much joy seeing James researching how to save seeds then putting that learning into practice.It has given him the love of gardening and he helped choose seeds for this years vegetable patch. He also follows gardening by the moon and as the new moon was on 5th October the best time for sowing and planting (except root crops) is now until 16th October

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  1. I spotted Betty's eggs right away! I'm used to searching for eggs, so I guess I have a good eye for that type of thing haha. So funny that she likes to lay in the tobacco patch. I've found eggs in the strangest places.

    PS - Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting!

    1. Isn't Betty funny! Carol is all clucky and bossy and the others seem to be holding on until we let them out to lay. Egg production is way down I'll have to go hunting for the other girls.
      Thanks for joining in.
      Love Leanne

  2. Hi Leanne,

    Betty is a beautiful bird! She must be pretty confident to lay her eggs in the tobacco patch. She's got spunk!


    1. Yes isn't she funny - I have to make sure I get her eggs before one of the dogs do. Even tho they know they are not allowed in the garden I am sure they will go in to get an egg.

      Love Leanne

  3. Whats in my herb patch? Not much ...I kept changing everything around! At the moment I have most of my herbs in pots but I'm thinking of putting them back in the garden again. Will take pics...

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing what herbs you have. Hope you get to play soon.
      Love Leanne

    2. I've put up some pics. Sadly I have lost quite a few herbs over winter...I'm always losing things LOL!

    3. Thanks for playing Julia, some good weeding got done at your place. - I see you have herbs poked in everywhere - just how I like growing anything.
      Love Leanne