Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Visitors photos

 Monty is visiting, he is a litter brother to our blue girls Magica and Freya

 Rather a nice set of whiskers don't you think. Monty is a very very friendly fella and always up to something.

He is an escape artist of some repute. Being the only one ever to escape from our cat run. All doors are double triple checked when Monty is about.

Fred is a cool character too - his speciality is trashing the place - he likes to toss all the blankets on the ground and mess the place up so everything is just how he likes it - I wonder if he does this at home?

Beau and Sienna went home today. Sienna likes being high up and watching what's going on

What a funny photo of Beau - he is a happy go lucky fella and not a grumpy cat at all ....But....boy what a scowl.
Kinda sick of the paparazzi when he's waiting for his mince. "I can see the mince, I can smell the mince but you keep mucking about with that camera"  Who says cats cant communicate with people?


  1. Long ago we had a cat who loved to escape but once outside he didn't know what to do with himself with his found freedom-silly boy!!

  2. Our line is very naughty! Caro was our escape artist. My worst nightmare happened with Monty last year and he escaped out of the tiniest gap you could ever imagine. I'm the cat handler of the year as I called him and he came to me from bottom paddock. PHEW! His owners have brought him back many times since then - but I still will not let him in outside run even tho Brent assures me it is very secure. Love Leanne

  3. oh that last pic is so funny!! I took some pics yesterday of Kaeli and Tibby enjoying the sunshine. Their expressions are so funny! I should put them up on my blog :o)

    1. Mack doing today? {{hugs}}