Thursday, 17 October 2013

what’s happening in your herb patch?

Tell me, what’s happening in your herb patch?
I'd love to see what herb is growing in your herb patch on your own blog, take a photo and come back and link up with Mr linky tool.

This weeks herb growing in our garden is Angelica

Angelica pachycarpa (shiny angelica) is an impostor

Shiny angelica is not what I would recommend in your herb patch

 Especially if it is by the kitchen back door as it has a slight aniseed aroma which attracts the blowflies.

The heads of flowers were cut and placed in the compost bin, the blow flies can hang out there thank you!.

Shiny leaved angelica (Angelica pachycarpa) is not the species of angelica you want in your herb patch. 

The edible and medical angelica is called Angelica Archangelica and  is the species of angelica used to make candied angelica, it's also brilliant to pop a stem of in a pot of rhubarb cooking to take out the bitterness.

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  1. Yep, from my experience too, the compost heap is the best spot for those Angelica 'flowers'!! My garded/herb garden is pretty sad right now :-( unless you count overgrown MINT!!!

    1. Don't type in a hurry Raewyn... I mean 'garden'!!

    2. I thought of you last night while making dinner - I made Rice Tabbouleh so you could of had it as no burghul /bulghur wheat and it was YUMMY Plus it has lots of mint in it so you could use up your mint patch SMILE. Will post recipe in a day or two for you.
      Love Leanne

  2. I've got a numpty question. :-) I've just moved and the new place has an established herb garden with curly parsley and rosemary and a huge plant that looks like European flat parsley. It doesn't smell like parsey though and I thought it should do. I did try a leaf and I'm here to tell the tale and it did taste like parsley but I still have doubts. Is it like mushrooms? Are there parsley lookalike plants that are not good for you? Vix x

    1. it possibly could be coriander as that can be mistaken for flat parsley in looks, but would not taste like parsley. It's always a good idea to identify a plant before feeding it to the family. SMILE. Love Leanne