Saturday, 5 October 2013

Our dairy

 We have our very own dairy at our place located in the barn.
It's an old pantry where I get to play shop.
Being a kept woman and a student I make every penny Brent brings home work - in fact it has turned into a hobby or way of living which I don't think I'll ever stop doing. .I see it as a game to see how much I can save. Being thrifty/frugal/wise with the family income means you can spend it on things you want to like quilting fabric, garden items or items for the old pick up truck.

It also means we eat well.

I've got three pantry's, two in the kitchen and the one in barn. I restock from the pantry aka dairy in the barn up into the kitchen pantry

Over the years I've kept price books - so I pretty much know the supermarket prices, there is lots of ways to keep a price book - just google and you will come up with lots of wonderful ideas.

 My method is with two books that I have put the tabs into roughly the same layout as a local supermarket
Tab 1 - fruit, vege, meat
Tab 2 Deli & eggs
Tab 3 Drinks, cereal, flour, baking, spreads
Tab 4 Tea, coffee, tinned fruit, sauces, oils.
Tab 5 rice, pasta, dried fruit
Tab 6 laundry, pet food
Tab 6 Beer, bread, tinned food, lentils, dried beans
Tab 7 Paper goods, frozen food.

To start your own price book hunt in the bottom of your handbag for past receipts and grab a couple of supermarket flyers, a cuppa, and a nice place in the sun and start entering any items you would usually buy. It doesn't take long for you to see what products you buy and how often. The fun part comes when you see how much a product can vary in price. Dish washing powder I've noticed can be as little as $7.98 - $11.39 for one 2kg of Finish that's a difference of $3.41 for one item.

It doesn't take very long before you start to know a price. Soon you will spot a rock bottom deal at the supermarket and when one comes along buy extra. This week Watties (I'm a brand snob due to food allergies but if your not you can get even better savings) - pasta sauce is on sale for 98c it usually is $2.39 a saving of $1.41 with a limit of 6 tins per customer - that's a saving of $8.46 and if you and the kids also buy 6 tins each  the saving becomes $25.38.

 Before long you too will start shopping from your very own dairy.

Only draw back is it takes ages to get any stickers for Countdown's promotion at the I am not a loyal shopper - I go to the supermarket that has the best bargains I need to stock my dairy.
I'll admit this is the first time I've ever tried to collect stickers - but their cutlery they are offering are really rather stunning..

I hope I've inspired you to think about, or better still begin making a price book and start stocking your very own dairy at your place too.

Often a weekly budget can be tight - and I know the thought of stock piling can be daunting - but start slow - try and find $10.00 from your grocery budget to begin - sell some items on trade me to give you a bit extra to  fund your beginning budget -( I love Trade me that's how I saved up for my bike by selling items on trade me.).
  • Only stockpile items you need – Make a list of the top 10 items you use weekly 
It doesn't take long before you change the whole way you grocery shop, instead of buying food to eat each week you will be buying food to restock your own dairy and you will find your grocery budget goes a lot further.


  1. I too have always kept a price book, wonderful things for checking prices at a glance.
    Now that the kids have left home I'm using up my stock and will now just keep a smaller version going. It's been wonderful for when I crash and cannot get out. We live from our stockpile and the only things hubby needs to get is bread and milk.

    1. I hate shopping so not having to go every week is one of the reasons I price shop - I wish we lived closer I could give you some of my sour dough starter so you could make your own bread - but your dh would still have to buy milk.
      Love Leanne

    2. I still make bread when I feel well, but it's just not the same for two.

    3. Yea cooking for two must be sooo strange. Wish I lived closer I'd drop you in some meals.
      Love Leanne

    4. Or when I over cook I'd bring you some of mine lol now thwt would be fun

  2. Love this post Leanne, I shop this way too, both for economy and because it's an hours drive to the nearest supermarket, and I hate running out of anything....

    1. Nicky you are in the whop whops an hours drive would make you be very organised.
      Love Leanne

  3. I keep a record of everything I spend and it really helps to budget! Great post my friend!

    1. Yes - we do too and I'm proud to say budgeting is one of the best things I have taught our kids they are both very good with money too.
      Love Leanne