Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Labour day

 Hello says Magika

 Cinders enjoying the sun

Our cats have been having a holiday in the Farm Stay runs during the day

Mother and daughters on a walk about

Laura (mother) Magika and Freya

Mr Quail
 Mrs Quail

 Gus and Geraldine

Molly goats best smile for the camera. I think everyone should have a goat in their backyard.

 The workers were hard at work again cutting firewood

 It's amazing how much more light is being let in with the trees taken out so far.

the new view of rolling hills

 The First sweet pea of the season


  1. Beautiful photos! I always felt the same about goats. That goat smile cracks me up! :-)

  2. Hard work by the workers to get all the trees off. Beautiful photos of cats,quail,goats...