Tuesday, 17 September 2013

In the garden

The one kowhai flower on the baby kowhai. 

Brent re-potted his kowhai seedlings

A new lilac was planted - slowly building the lilac alley 
 next year I think it will be stunning when they are all in flower.

Another red camellia planted Dr Burnside which we already have but who can have too many Dr's?

I'm in BIG trouble with the kids one of their favourite bushes that they played in for hours as children I asked Brent to pull out. I really did not understand how many memories they had in that daisy bush. If I had only listened more I would of kept the yellow daisy bush and accepted a yellow daisy bush would of been just perfect in amongst a red camellia area.

It is now on the bonfire pile getting ready for a bonfire for Imbolc/Ostara/Spring Equinox


  1. well, at least you are using their special bush in a very good way!

  2. Leanne, your garden flowers are superb in close-up. Did you know the Rimutaka Prison has a huge nursery, I cannot find the web link this morning but they have a huge online catalogue.
    Almost a frost this a.m., and yes, both of us a bit disabled, Thanks for your lovely caring thoughts, I'm so much better, Hugh still not good at all. Greetings to all, specially those who are sadly missing the daisy bush!!!

  3. Lovely flowers Leanne with more seedlings to come.

    Take some cuttings from the daisy bush - daisies are pretty good at regenerating:-)

  4. What an unusual flower! Too bad about the bush, we all end up doing that sort of thing at some point. It's only later that you realize it. You might be able to save some of it, even if you dry it.

  5. You know, sometimes when I think I've gotten rid of a plant, here comes a shoot the next year. Maybe yours will too.

  6. I'll never forget when don trimmed the willow tree so he could mow under it easier. The branches reached the ground and made a totally enclosed cave. Stephanie was only about 5or 6 At the time and she would hide in it playing with the fairies. She was so upset that he trimmed it she cried for days. She said the fairies had to find a new place to livel she still remembers him of it till this day!

  7. I always enjoy seeing your photos from the other side of the world to see peeks at what the opposite season is like there! Here, our leaves are just beginning to turn - not much color here yet, as we are pretty far south, but I am loving the cooler weather!


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