Thursday, 26 September 2013

At the Farm Stay today

It was a beautiful spring day today perfect for the cats to get out in the outside runs and watch all the farm animals.

Fred is such a cruiser - Look at the size of those clubs on him - I wouldn't like to get myself into a cat fight with Fred. Good thing he loves to purr and prod when we pick him up

Beau is a big cruiser too - his speciality is eating all Sienna's food as well as his own - Well he's actually a bit of a pig really.

 Sienna is a good eater - but she has to be fast when Beaus about. We always give her a head start to make sure she has a fair go "I like my food, but I can't eat as fast as Beau can" Sienna says

Indigo has been having me on a treat - She has been on a wet food diet due to er um poop issues...
"I don't like like sardines, I don't like whiskers, well the casserole is alright and tuna is OK - As long as its human tuna not that cat stuff"...

It's terribly hard to try and choose what fancy feast to buy - hoping Miss Indigo will like it.

Well truthfully, they all get to eat the same stuff when they stay here. But.. Indigo likes to watch all the others eat and then when she's ready, she eats her own food very slowly and lady like... while Beau and Fred sit and watch her eating.

VACANCY at Cottage Tails Farm Stay

  • There is a vacancy for one cat family during the coming school holidays from Thursday 3rd October.

  • We are taking booking for Labour weekend

  • Christmas is fully booked from 21st December to 30th December.

Details re our Farm Stay for cats can be found here.


  1. Those snacks look delicious, especially the chick peas!

    1. The chick peas are mourish sweet or savoury.
      Love Leanne