Wednesday, 18 September 2013

An old Fella

 We have noticed that Mack the Mastiff is slowing down - his pace of walking is slower and he sleeps a lot more. At 9 years of age he is considered quite old in the Mastiff world.

 Mack has kept me awake two nights in a row whimpering as if he is sore. We have played the outside, inside, outside, inside game from 2.30 am. A trip to the vet was needed. At first our vet could find nothing obviously wrong'  all movement of limbs seemed fine, pushing, pulling, twisting and checking spinal joints etc- even a prostrate check (Poor Mack) came up with the all clear. A walk about in the vets car park was called for (No Mack- don't piss on the door on the way out) A few brisk laps of the back yard showed up the occasional extra step in his gait and the wince of pain. Vets verdict osteoarthritis. Our vet gave Mack some pain killers which must of worked as we all got a good night sleep.(well I did - Brent tells me he got up to Mack once)
Other than his touch of osteoarthritis, Mack got told he was in excellent health for his age.

Our vet is rather fond of Mack and has known him since a puppy- he even knows Mack nearly caused a divorce when he was a puppy - he was such a strong willed dog who ate my laundry walls yes tunnelled through and left great big mastiff size holes! With my temper, I mixed up a chilli hot paste and painted the brew on the walls. Mack looked me in the eye and began working on the opposite wall. Talk about steam coming out of my ears! Brent and our vet were always Mack's advocates.Often the vet would greet me with a twinkle in his eye "Now hows your dog going" always looking forward to hearing the latest update.
Mack was a very naughty puppy - he stole two precious dolls out of our daughters bedroom window, by leaning in taking them, then quickly  destroying them. Being an old villa meant we had to change the way we opened windows - I.E. the sash windows had to be pushed down from the top instead of lifting the bottom one up. All to stop the Mastiff jumping in.

Mack is a predator of the highest order he is extremely intelligent and calculating to go with it - he watched our daughter's routine of cleaning out her guinea pigs - and he calculated the exact moment when he could slip his collar during his bath to get the guinea pig. It ended in heartbreak. Geese, pukekos, possums, sheep and any thing with fur or feathers that moved were all fair game. It took much effort to be able to train him not to do this. Now Brent and Mack can walk past the goose with a simple "leave it " - "OK dad"

Mack is now well behaved and even has 3 dog obedience ribbons to prove his status - but he is still never totally trusted around other animals - with other dogs he is fine, he will never start a fight and is quite happy to casually cock his leg right next to another dog to prove he's in control of the situation.

Farm Stay Guests...
 Indigo's family are watching the blog while on holiday - Indi is settling in fine - eating her wet food first and she likes Iams cat nuts, left the nuts her family brought the ones she is meant to like - CATS!
Now I do hope you are not reading this while eating breakfast - but Indigo's family thought she  has a constipation problem.. Being confined and having to use a litter tray not the home garden I can verify this, she is pooping out concrete. We will be working on this problem while she is here.
I'm a big fan of looking at animals poop it is a great way to measure health (it's a good way to measure your own health too)

 Now Fred! I've never ever had a cat stay at our Farm Stay (which we would like to think as a 5 star stay in the cat world) - absolutely never ever had a cat pull off the plush cuddly blankets and quilt - gasp and a quilt thrown on the floor tut tut.
Fred sure likes to make himself at home and make his bed just how he likes it.... OR does he pull all his blankets on the floor when he hears me coming in the morning and is ONE of THOSE guests that say - here comes the Maid clean up my room!
Fred was far roo bashful to have a photo ...


  1. Darling Mack, I'd like to kiss him on the nose, he's so cute and cuddly looking. Glad he got a clean bill of health, here's to a few more doggie years yet xx

  2. sounds like mack and teddy have a lot in common. except teddy hates other dogs and would definitely kill the goose!

  3. Our dog Harry was very arthritic in his finally years. It was so hard to get him to take his tqblets at first but after about a week he realised they were halpingr his pain he would just walk up and open his mouth! Good job too as they were costing me three dollars each!
    It's was heartbreaking the day we had to finally out him down, but at 15 he had had a great life, it so hard that part of parenting a fur baby. But I wouldn't swap all the years I had with him xxxxx

  4. I hope Mack is getting along ok now. He's a nice looking fellow!

  5. Mack looks so sweet and innocent in those he's trying to pull the Mastiff over our eyes LOL! I've heard of people giving their dogs ACV (a tsp in their drinking water) to help correct a number of health issues arthritis being one of them.

    I had to laugh at Fred. Typical male...mess up the bed and leave the "maid" (woman) to make it!

  6. Oh sweet Mac! When he was a puppy he sounded just like our two kittens we had once......terrors! But lovable!

  7. Awww, Love Mack! Must have been something just to get him raised!!Hahaa