Monday, 30 September 2013

Our cats

 Majica is running to Lordy

Cinders comes a running too

 Lordy was very brave and left his run

 He was our breeding stud and the father to many of the cats that come and stay here.

He is living the life of retirement, and he prefers not to leave his house so to see him so brave and venture out was rather unsettling to the other cats, they all came running to see just where he was off to. Laura kept very close to lordy

Freya doesn't

Freya is off doing her own thing.

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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Home Made pear and blue cheese Sour Dough Pizza.

Tonight's meal was a sour dough pizza with pears, blue cheese and pine nuts.

I really must do a blog post about Stevie the sour dough - she is firmly becoming a member of the family - how can she not when you tend and care for her each day. Stevie made a wonderful pizza dough.

first layer of pizza - caramelised onions.

 My dried chillies from the garden were grounded with some salt, pepper and a little olive oil

 then tossed in peeled and sliced pears.

 The pears were placed on top of the onions.

 Fresh New Zealand spinach (which is growing well in the garden) was washed and then boiling water poured on top, and drained and placed on pizza.

Blue cheese crumbled on the top of the pears.

 topped with pine nuts. And baked in a hot oven until cooked.

Very yummy.

The pizza was inspired by Hugh from River Cottage
I adapted it by using sour dough for a pizza base and adding pine nuts to the top

Do tell me if you try it - I am sure you will also love it.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Mack the Mastiff

Poor Mack is not going too good - He is very sore and often yelps despite his pain medication. Its his twilight time and we are all preparing ourselves...

We have noticed when Brent is home Mack puts on a very brave face and hides his pain as much as possible. Mack sees Brent as the pack leader- dogs (and humans too) naturally hide any weakness as part of their instinct for survival.. Mack still likes to lark about like a pup around Brent

We have limited the unsupervised romps for Mack and Stella together - Stella adores Mack, but does tend to jump on him too much, she always has and Mack never minded this but with him being so sore and Stella not understanding what's going on she needs supervision.

Mack still pushes the boundaries and piddles on my lemon verbena.tut tut! Knowing full well that I'm turning a blind eye to such behaviour and not growling at him.

Mind you growling at Mack is a waste of time around here and Brent will hear no wrong when it come to Mack - Typical responses are:
  • Are you sure 
  • He wouldn't do that
  • Nope - I didn't see him do that 
  • I don't think so
  • I cant say he did
  • You will have to wait and see what the Mastiffs union says  

Snack food

James has been going on quite a few courses and needs to take a packed lunch - portable snack food that is dairy, egg, nut and wheat free has been needed.

 The dehydrator has been working over time - drying pineapple, bananas and apples
I just slice thinly and pop in trays and put dehydrator down in barn to dry the fruit.

Honey flavoured chick peas.
Soak over night 1 pack of dried chickpeas, next morning rinse and cook. when cooked drain well. Dry in a couple of tea towels. Cook in oven until dry and crunchy then coat in honey, salt, nutmeg and cinnamon.

These sure give you the munchies.

Spicy Pumpkin seeds 
4 cups of pumpkin seeds
2 Tablespoons of Himalayan Crystal Salt
1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
Enough water to cover.
Leave over night for seeds to swell & flavour be absorbed.

Drain & then gently on a LOW oven roast.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

At the Farm Stay today

It was a beautiful spring day today perfect for the cats to get out in the outside runs and watch all the farm animals.

Fred is such a cruiser - Look at the size of those clubs on him - I wouldn't like to get myself into a cat fight with Fred. Good thing he loves to purr and prod when we pick him up

Beau is a big cruiser too - his speciality is eating all Sienna's food as well as his own - Well he's actually a bit of a pig really.

 Sienna is a good eater - but she has to be fast when Beaus about. We always give her a head start to make sure she has a fair go "I like my food, but I can't eat as fast as Beau can" Sienna says

Indigo has been having me on a treat - She has been on a wet food diet due to er um poop issues...
"I don't like like sardines, I don't like whiskers, well the casserole is alright and tuna is OK - As long as its human tuna not that cat stuff"...

It's terribly hard to try and choose what fancy feast to buy - hoping Miss Indigo will like it.

Well truthfully, they all get to eat the same stuff when they stay here. But.. Indigo likes to watch all the others eat and then when she's ready, she eats her own food very slowly and lady like... while Beau and Fred sit and watch her eating.

VACANCY at Cottage Tails Farm Stay

  • There is a vacancy for one cat family during the coming school holidays from Thursday 3rd October.

  • We are taking booking for Labour weekend

  • Christmas is fully booked from 21st December to 30th December.

Details re our Farm Stay for cats can be found here.

Yarn along


Abbey has finished the back of her 100% cotton cardy - a Jo Sharp pattern.


On audio this week for me is the 115 year old novel What Maisie Knew by Henry James.

The movie currently out is based on the book
I enjoyed the movie very much 4/5 that I wanted to read/ hear the original story.

Brent is listening to Flight Behavior on his way to and from work. I enjoy that we share audio books.and this book is causing lots of conversation about global warming and climate change..

“You never knew which split second might be the zigzag bolt dividing all that went before from the everything that comes next.” 

Loved this quote!

 I didn't like the ending of Flight Behavior so it got a 3.5/5 from me.

Brent has listened to all of the Game of Thrones series that is on audio and very much enjoyed them. Abbey has now picked up the series and is also hooked.

What are you reading/listening to audio this week? 

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Farm Stay Full House


 Beau (Too fast for me - He keeps looking everywhere he shouldn't when I push the button)


The black cats have the majority here at the moment

Time for another give away

The weather man sent out warnings of high wind gales .

 Oh the thought of all the spring flowers being battered by such high winds

 made me pick a bunch for a friend

 then early evening we picked most (not all) of the spring flowers.

I much prefer to see flowers in the garden than in the vase as they  last longer.

The spring blossoms are just opening -

 Not that I have got my spring flowers to flower in time with the cherry trees. Daffodils have long finished, and the tulips are open and just about finishing as the cherry trees are starting to flower.
One thing with gardens one can try again  next year.

I'm terribly greatful the weather man got it all wrong - no high wind or storm came our way - the lilac alley is safe as is all the tulips at the Wellington Botanical garden for this Tulip Sunday.

Time for a give away.

Andrew from Biking Mad whom I brought my Eleanor Schwinn bike from has given a few treats to give away on the blog.

This weeks prize is a bike pump.

I sure appreciated Andrew's help choosing a bike to buy - he understands female talk.
I entered his shop saying I wanted to buy a bike, I had no idea what type of bike but it must have rear brakes (as that is what I had as a kid) and I wanted it to look like a Mary Poppins bike with a basket with a low step in..

Andrew asked me if I wanted gears, I didn't know as I've never used a bike with gears, he assured me gears would be good in a head wind.

Andrew knew just the bike for me, he brought up a picture on his computer to show me and SQUEAL it was purple! SOLD then and there - gasp not like me at all to be so impulsive..

When I picked up my bike Andrew shared he had had another lady order the same bike but a blue one and that he had quite a few phone calls about these bikes..
Was it YOU from reading the blog?
 I had told Andrew I'd shared on the blog all about his shop and his wonderful service re Eleanor Schwinn.

Biking Mad gave us some prizes. WHOOP WHOOP.

To win this weeks prize of the bike pump.
1. Leave a comment on the blog
Leave a comment on the Cottage Tails Facebook page.

I'll post the pump any where in New Zealand. Prize drawn Saturday.

Feel free to tell your friends.