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Friday, March 15, 2019

Gotcha Day

Sunday, March 3, 2019

One year ago Minnie arrived. Hence Gotcha Day Party was had for the pups including Pup Cakes made from Dinner for Dogs cookbook. - Made with chicken mince (Minnie loves chicken), with cream cheese and blueberries for the icing.


Friday, March 1, 2019

 We have been having a bumper season for peaches.

Dehydrated lots of peaches for winter granola (always look like nothing much (volume wise) by time dry)

Made peach chutney and a savoury peach jam with rosemary and black pepper. The jam is more to use as a marinade on lamb before cooking.
I'm a cook that never follows a recipe. More flicks through cookbooks for inspiration, then I close them and off I go. One thing I did try different and will now always do is peel the peaches, slice and place in a bowl with a little sugar. Let sit for a few hours and stir each time I walked past. The juice from the peaches dissolved the sugar and one did not have to use much sugar at all. 

Tomato passata - again I couldn't tell you how I made it and as I had two big stock pots cooking on stove top plus a large oven tray that I roasted another batch in the oven. Added garlic (lots as I love garlic), onion, capsicum then all got whizzed up together in the vitamix. Again come depths of gloomy winter I will smile getting out some home made passata.

I've also bags of blanched runner beans - all varieties mixed in together in the freezer.

but wait.... we still have more peach trees to harvest from including these which we have no idea what they are called. They come from a homestead in Paremata Wellington so a heirloom variety that Brent was given as little wee trees and he has nurtured. We also have golden peaches and Black Boy peaches still yet to ripen. 

 All my trimmings of peeling and tomato cores (I don't peel my tomatoes - they all get cooked up and whizzed up) go to the chooks who love the tit bits. Bertie my new rooster gives a little berk berk berk as a thank you. He is rather wonderful. As for the girls - duds all not laying but happily eat for free.

Nine Patches and Hearts Quilt.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

After seeing Mary's 9 patches and heart design wall I got all inspired to make  a quilt.
Going to fortnightly quilting group is helping me get lots done. I find I get organised so I have something to do - but then get sewing and have nothing to take to work on so have to plan/ cut/make again so I've something to do at quilt group.
Minnie was a great help in sorting out all the rows. Now I'll not do any more sewing until quilt group ... well maybe just a little.

I've really enjoyed working on this quilt.


Sunday, February 24, 2019
I'm so out of the loop of blogging, so much so that I just keep putting it off to start again. But when Fox Lane shared Meet Meat Mikes post I thought wow, now this could be a good place to start blogging again...

Making : A new quilt - I'm loving my quilting group of ladies who get together to quilt.

Cooking : Brent & I have been away on holiday to New Plymouth. We always like to book a place where we can make our own meals including picnic lunches. My favourite food is simple, in season and fresh. So lots of summer salads with fish. Hummus and salad for picnic food and some easy tray bake meals.

Sipping : Green tea.

Reading: NZ Gardener. I very rarely buy magazines but did shout myself one on holiday as BP petrol station kindly let hundreds of people use their bathroom. The petrol station nextdoor (Challenge) closed their toilets for the day, WOW!  BP did a roaring trade of small purchases with everyone buying something as a thank you for the pit stop.

Looking: For photos of the Truck people took. There are a few on this site. and here we are exiting the Tarata Road Tunnel I wish to buy. 

Listening: I'm really enjoying Super Sunday Podcasts 

Wishing: For a glasshouse.

Enjoying: Oh being HOME. We had a nice trip to AmeriCARna in New Plymouth but honest I prefer home rather than going away. Brent has this coming week off too and I am also going to take the week off and enjoy a staycation. I did enjoy going up to New Plymouth in a convoy and enjoyed the cruises.

Waiting: For next appointment with gynecological oncologist for a review of his findings and lab results which he is very confident I am cancer free - his comment on waking up from theatre is it is all very reassuring. WONDERFUL aye. If you want to read more about my last 8 weeks of poking and prodding I will be sharing it in my Naturopathy Newsletter click here to sign up for it 

Liking: The Farm Sweet Farm Quilt. . 

Loving: Being home.- I get terrible homesickness. 

Buying: I was wrapt that on our trip to New Plymouth the timing was perfect to put in an order at HokoLoko. Look at all the wonderful local produce we got. 

This haul was just from Roebuck farm but we also got fish from Egmont Seafoods, and meat from Green Beef Meadows. 

Watching: The Great British Sewing. It is terribly hard to watch here in NZ but there is always someone sharing it on YouTube

Hoping: That I've talked Brent into building me a fruit cage - I've planted the seed and mentioned the bonus for him of less lawn to mow. Wish me luck.

Needing: A rest. So hard for me to accept. Anesthetic can knock you around and it did me. But I have been resting. In fact I've had forced rest this last week with going to AmeriCARna. One sits for hours in truck while you cruise and then sit in deck chairs at each location. 

Wearing Thunder pants :

Following: The growth of my herbs. For my medical herbalist course I have to grow herbs from seed and record their growth. I keep feeling Brent's dad on my shoulder everytime I water the dandelions - he saw them as such weeds LOL.

Noticing: The season is changing - the maple leaves have begun to drop. Autumn is a coming.

Sorting: I have a dead draw, Brent was not impressed with my wording. Abbey got my dark humour. When the gynecologist oncologist pulled me out of my I'm not worried at all attitude to his - this is serious we need to do surgery and do further investigation. I came home and begun sorting paper/notes. I had a draw which if anything happened to me the whole draw could be just thrown out and not sorted through. Marie Kondo possibly doesn't quite see my sorting as what she had in mind.

Getting: Ready for autumn. The wood shed is FULL, both chimneys have been cleaned and tonight we have the first fire of the season.

Saving: All the homegrown produce. We have the best year ever of peaches. Lots of beans as I planted many to share with James. But James does not want my beans he said his beans, he is growing at his place taste better LOL. So I'm freezing beans. The tomatoes are just starting to really ripen now too. I love late summer, harvesting and preserving food I've grown.

Bookmarking: Roebuck Farm Workshops - I've said to Abbey I will take her to one. Abbey would like to do the Household Gardner workshop - which is in March. March is too soon for me to go away again.
But Nicola Galloway from HomeGrown Kitchen is coming to Wellington - maybe we could go and have a mother and daughter day out to one of her workshops. Sounds fun aye.

Coveting: MMM this prompt has me stuck. I googled meaning which is: to want to have something very much, especially something that belongs to someone else. There is nothing I want that belongs to someone else. BUT our dogs always want a toy or ball that one of the other dogs have. Always! Brent brought Louie a Womble toy at The Mill Market. The seller was most upset that Great Uncle Bulgaria was going to be a dog toy. Word spread and another lady came up to Brent and informed him the womble was a collectors item and could be worth a lot of money. 

Opening I arrived home to books I had brought. I'm now terribly interested in alternative healing for cancer. 

Giggling: At Louie devaluing Great Uncle Bulgaria.

Feeling: Extremely pleased to be home.

Hearing: Rain - the garden and grass will be soaking it all up.

Obsessing: MM I'm not really an obsessive nature/personality  But I am planning changes to my garden.  I'm going to dig up my dahlia tubers when they have finished flowering and plant them next year down the driveway. Their current bed is going to be an asparagus bed. Now I could obsess over eating asparagus.

How was that? Maybe, just maybe the blogging bug is back.

Love to all.

Home Sweet Home

Saturday, February 16, 2019

 The cattery is closed while we have a break, I'm homesick already. My cats are currently down there and loving the change. Minnie likes to go down and see the cats.

 Laura - 16 years old
 Lordy 16 years in March
 Cinders 15 years old
 Freya 7 or is it 8? I'll have to look up.
Minnie doing her starfish drop.
 Louie's guilty look as he has been helping himself to peaches off the tree. He eats them. But he has taught Minnie to do the same. Minnie doesn't eat them, she bats them around like a soccer ball.
Both dogs are not allowed in orchard area now unsupervised.
Stella nearly 7 just watches 

Summer Harvest

Friday, January 25, 2019

 My vegetable garden is humming and I'm picking something everyday. Lettuces I never get to photograph as I always whip out and pick one just as I need for a meal. Cucumbers and beans are prolific this year.
 If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen I have some new chickens and wait for it ....
a ROOSTER!! We are soo enjoying the blue and green eggs from the new girls

I'm actually looking forward to autumn this year - new for me! I've planted so many pumpkins as last year in the shops they were soo expensive and we do enjoy pumpkins (so do the dogs)

Laura would NOT look at the camera for me - I so wanted to get a good photo of her. And I actually did. These photos just show her personality. Laura is 16 years old today. And Happy Birthday to Charles her litter mate too.
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