Monday, 23 January 2017


 Now does that look like a bite out of the apple on the apple tree to you?
MMM me thinks possums have been helping themselves.

Farm Stay Guests

 Gosh Pancho looks scary.... he is actually yawning and trying to hit the cap of the camera that is swinging. Pancho hasn't an ounce of meanness in him.

 Man these girls have me sussed. With all the rain I put a litter tray inside for them and one outside too. Guess which one they used. I love their tails - speaks volumes aye. I always get too attached to the cats that stay for a long time.

 With all the wind and rain the boys stayed in bed - two cubby houses to choose from with two hotties in each and the blankets made up like a little nest for them. They all slept together and last night it was in the log cabin, nice and snug and warm. Milo was not happy with the rain. Thankfully it was sunny today and he could walk about a bit more.

Ella is soo regal... and she knows it. Hope her mum and dad were not on an airplane coming into windy Wellington in the high winds.

To all the owners who had weddings and pre wedding events over the weekend I sure hope the weather wa a little kind to you all,

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Tussie Mussie

 Charles, Milo and Muddy's mum gave me a Tussie Mussie Posy
 Both of us could not identify which is this plant in the posy - Any ideas?

Farm Stay Guests...
 Like how could I not love what I do when I get waved at by Pancho when he sees me coming down to the cattery?
 Can you see Pancho in his SleepingPod? He is soo amazing and happily goes in it so I can zip into the other cat runs. Pancho does not mind at all and even got a cuddly yesterday form one of Pinot's family - a young girl who thought he was lovely.
I didn't get a photo of Bella and Molly tonight - I need like 6 hands to get in their run with a camera and their dinner. But man what a fuss the girls made of Brent earlier in the day when he opened and taped up their cat flap...These girls prefer men by far. Talk about put it on for the blokes.

 Ella was tucked up in her igloo so this was the best photo I got of her.
Pancho is in the middle run with girls on both sides of him.
 The boys - Charles, Muddy and Milo all snuggled up. I have never had to heat hotties for the cats in January but with our cool summer (now raining) I've been putting hotties in the boys beds and as they are getting on now (Charles will be 14 end of the month) they sure liked the extra touch.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Knitting, books, cats, weather...

 I'm needing mindless knitting/craftwork at the end of the days now I'm full into swotting for exams. I'm feeling a bit more confident re the exams this week. I've three more weeks of swotting left.
This is my linen scarf using up scraps (and some new mini's). Katie from Inside No 23 has a KAL that I'll probably enter.... I've so enjoyed her Podcasts

Any spare moments I'm listening on audio to Hidden Figures. Hoping to get it finished before it comes to the movies.

 We planned for the bad weather - but had an uneventful night here on the Kapiti Coast, sounds like it was pretty wild in Wellington. However it is just starting to rain heavy here. Bother I have to go out today and buy a new phone - mine has died. I think I'll get an Iphone 6S as I like being able to plug in ear phones and use them such a lot that I seem to go through them.
So for now if you want me just email or Facebook message me.

Farm Stay Guests...

Pancho and Pinot.