Saturday, 26 July 2014

Friday a day to clean house, garden or quilt

I've declared Friday's are  a no study day  to do as I please... Clean house, garden, quilt.
I didn't get to do any of these this Friday as I had guests all day..

But I did carve out some time to sit with a cuppa in the sun (yes sun in winter it is GLORIOUS) and begin reading Emma Bridgewater's memoir "Toast & Marmalade and other Stories" .
I'm LOVING this book - from the first sentence I just knew it was gonna be my kind of book.

"GOD, I'M GREEDY. I think about some sort of food a lot. Bacon for example".

Hang on a tickie I'll grab some photos for you from the book

Swoon she loves postage stamp quilts.

Oh yes we need little altars everywhere.

 I didn't have time to work in the garden - but I did get some photos for you of what is flowering in my garden. And yes that is a tulip flowering in my garden in JULY along with winter roses (Hellebores) and snow drops.

 A little walk got squeezed into my day

 No lambs yet...

 Farm Stay Guests...

Ella arrived for a holiday and she put on such a show for the visitors who cooed over her.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Some new friends.

Good Morning. 

Thought I'd take you all who read the blog on our morning walk - gumboots are needed for this walk.

To do the morning check on the sheep

 looking for baby lambs.

no lambs yet. 

Stella has some new friends. The neighbours alpaca's

They were fascinated by Stella and she sure put on a show for them.

Thursday, 24 July 2014


You may of noticed I don't share much about the kids lives any more now that they have finished homeschooling and growed up. To think my baby is turning 18 this week  WOW those years went FAST

He has turned into a great guy and has made his parents really proud. He has given permission for me to share that he has been signed up for a NZ Apprenticeship - the National Certificate Engineering - Fabrication.(level 4) which is one the  NZ government has classified as a priority trade with a shortage of skilled workers therefore he gets a grant of $2,000 towards even more tools for his tool box. Plus....He has an apprenticeship with no debt (YES) Many young people go to a polytechnic first and get a level 3 certificate in engineering - ticking up a high loan in the process and with no guarantee of finding an employer that will offer them an apprenticeship at the end of it. These days it is common for young ones to rack up a $25,000.00 debt with no prospect of a job at the end of it..

It's a hugely satisfying feeling to look back over the journey of raising our boy and knowing we did our very best and the risk of going against the norm by homeschooling was the right choice for us. I tell you through the journey sometimes there was doubt - ok a lot of doubt and not a lot of support of our choices at times.

I  loved a Ted Talk that was on Facebook this week.about how the education system undermines creativity. One of James' teachers via the Correspondence school was blown away by James' creativity of building and selling steel guitars and commented there was no scope at all in the school system to reward him for his creativity. The Ted Talk  it is well worth a watch if you have ever considered homeschooling your kids.