Monday, 4 September 2017

Our Weekend.

Lambing has finished - there is a question if Trump serviced a ewe before he left -
 if so it is not due until quite late September.

I've been putting video's and stories (still learning how to do these) over on Instagram I'm not sure how to add videos taken on Iphone to the blog.
I do hope you can see the videos over on Instagram as the lambs are now playing and such a joy to watch.

We have 15 lambs and man they are cute!
But as I've shared before we have had a really heartbreaking lambing season. 
Lost 6 lambs and one ewe
I'm too soft for such loss. I'm really thinking hard if I want lambs next year. But also thinking very seriously of getting in a new line of rare breed sheep called Rylands

Photo that popped up on James's memories of 2 years ago using our paddock to teach a friend to drive in.
Photo taken yesterday showing the ponds that have developed with all the wet we have had. We are in for another wet week. So I'll leave the lambing pen up in the bathroom for another week or two - just incase... fingers crossed we will not need it.

New visitor to our place. A female pheasant. of course we fed her as she was right up at the chicken coop. Later we saw her mate at the top of the hill. I sure hope they come back daily and join in at feeding time. We have quite the collection of critters visiting. Awesome aye!

A run in the truck to Ruth Pretty's.

Saturday night to the movies to see Dunkirk. A tad too violent for me. I would have preferred to have seen this movie  from the viewpoint of more of the civilians that were doing the rescue rather than all the war action 3/5

Sunday night video hire Going in Style. Very funny but I'm a big fan of Morgan Freeman. Good light hearted movie - which is more my thing. 5/5 from me.

Hope you all had a good weekend too.

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Monday, 28 August 2017

Long Weekend Away

Earlier in the year Abbey & I had a plan to attend a knitting retreat with friends, Unfortunately some friends could not come in the end and when I booked I had not taken into consideration it would be lambing time. We decided not to attend the knitting retreat officially in the end - but just make it a long weekend getaway where we would knit.

It was a rough start getting away with triplet lambs needing to be orphaned. Only two made it and the mum is getting better every day. They went to a home where a lady was already raising two orphan lads. She has such an awesome set up with a barn. You can just see the triplets snuggled up under some fleece.

Brent was back at home looking after the place. Two sets of twins were born and more over the weekend. He was busy! And not had a holiday.

It was rather wonderful coming home to see all the new lambs. 

We stayed in a little old cottage called Mid-Summer Cottage. Oh it was cold, really cold. We rang the owners as we could not find the oil heaters that were advertised. The owner was lovely and brought us one around. The next day we went and brought a little fan heater and that helped warm the house... but we were still cold! However we snuggled up under our quilts we brought with us and did get lots of knitting done.  The cottage was lovely and clean, lots of hot water, biscuits, large bowl of fresh fruit and a complimentary bottle of wine. Nice beds, lots of extra blankets and cots if young families wanted to stay. There easy is room for 6 people plus children. But it was little things such as being cold (would be wonderful in summer), no chopping board, no towels for the third person staying, not enough toilet paper or dishwashing powder - (thank goodness I worked this out and got the girls to go and buy some). Plus the electrical wiring was sparking at the kitchen light switch so we cooked in the dark. I probably wouldn't stay again at the cottage - and give it a 3/5.

 At a knitting retreat you wear garments you have knitted. I'm not much of a knitter but pretty thrilled to have knitted these. I've linked them to my Ravelry project pages if you want to knit the same patterns or get the same wool. Credit has to go to Abbey who blocked them for me, picked up stitches around shawl collar for me and helped me choose patterns and yarn. I did sew in the ends - actually on the Friday.... just in time. PHEW.

Friday we visited Chantal cafe as it is health conscious for dairy free, gluten free and vegan options. It has good reviews on Tripadvisor.  However we found it uneatable or drinkable. Tepid turmeric almond latte was nasty! Raw Carrot cake was served without any almond cream as it shows on their instagram account. This was not nice either and we did not eat. It was wet and tasted like carrot cake batter mix before you cook. Sorry folks cannot recommend Chantal.

I posted the above photo on Instagram and Chantal has offered to refund our money - which I will take them up on. Other Instagram friends commented they prefer Hapi NZ. We did pop in on our way past after this recommendation and so would have loved to of tried here. Next visit!

Heather had on her list she wanted to do a wine tour. Moana Park gave a lovely tasting of wines plus they are vegan, organic winemakers. A bottle of their wine came home with us.

We also visited Skeins and I loved meeting Deb from Outlaw Yarn whose yarn my cardi is from. I didn't buy anything. But Abbey did!

Sunday on our way home we stopped in at Gem from BlackBird Blog her shop. The shop assistant told us a sale was coming real soon so we brought nothing and will wait for the sale announcement, suggest you do too!

Drive home we stopped in at the Hawkes Bay Farmers Market - oh my wonderful!!

Oh on drive up we stopped in at La Petite. We had made almond milk to take away with us knowing we wanted to buy some of La Petite's hot chocolate. This photo is of Abbey's haul. Mine I brought gifts to bring home and their plain hot chocolate. A must stop in and visit!!

The market opened early than advertised and by the time we got there Stray Cat Socks was nearly sold out WHAT!!!! It was BUSY! a tad too crowded for me. ... I am an empath introvert so crowds overwhelm me. It was lovely to meet Instagram and Blogging friends, Thanks for saying hello!
I only brought one skein of yarn to knit socks. Abbey found it for me, isn't it perfect! So fun seeing yarn in real life that international vloggers talk about. Perfect autumnal colourway for me. By Leading Men Fibre Arts - Show Stopper in Turkey Run colour. 75% superwash Merino, 25% nylon. I'm not a superwash fan but it has its time and place such as with socks. Now I'm all ready to learn to knit socks.

What a buzz to return home to find a white faced heron sitting on top of the cattery.

It was nice to get away, but also rather nice to be home.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Birthday Food

Abbey made her own birthday cake - aka pudding. A recipe from Homegrown Kitchen's cookbook.  Magical Ice Cream Swirl Cake. It was gluten free, nut free and dairy free so everyone in the family could eat it. It was a hit and will be made again. I even enjoyed it and I'm not a big fan of coconut cream.
 Wellington on a Plate is currently on and the Food trucks came to Kapiti. Because Origin Food Shack came we went out for tea. A very rare occurrence with all our diet needs.... I could not fault it, and that is saying something as I am terribly fussy. Highly recommend and I will be chasing down the shack if I see it again.

 Brent & I all wrapped up warm enjoying our meal out. I'm wearing my Wurm hat I knitted. Jazzy aye - and it's ever so practical as it  keeps my ears warm!
 James is NOT into healthy food.... you do not want to know what he ate!!!!
And ate... Abbey enjoyed her birthday dinner out - so wonderful the event coincided with her birthday.

Oh and for lunch I took Abbey out to a local cafe Sunday Catina in Waikanae - highly recommend. So very very awesome that we are getting local, food we can eat. (I forgot to take photos of our lunch)