Friday, 22 August 2014

Birthday week

Abbey had a lovely birthday, a special birthday lunch out at our fav Taste of Country Garden Cafe'.

It has been a birthday week of celebrations. She started the week off with a friend staying the night in a POSH hotel in Wellington - it even had a pillow menu.

 They had fun with room service and were surprized with mocktails being delivered to their room by her godmother.  They made lots of memories! Plus of course her highlight of publishing her first knitting pattern.

Birthday tea was salmon fillets and salad, A toblerone cheesecake as her cake and desert  Well it is her 21st so a special treat. Interestingly enough when you don't usually eat cakes and puddings your taste buds do change and you do notice how much you actually don't miss them.

James eats his pudding/cake in style - right out of the packet with dairy free chocolate shavings.

A quite night at home playing Catan - a much loved board game by our family. We all get a tad competitive at times.

Farm Stay Guests...
 There was no witnesses to this vandalism. 

"Nope, it wasn't me" said Sterling - 'I don't recall doing that" said Coco and Omar said "It must have been a stray cat that did it".

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Yarn Along

For exciting secrets, I'm not best known for keeping them, as I just want to blurt them out!
But I have kept an enormous, thrilling surprise.

Abbey has become a designer.

She has taken her first scary step and published a pattern.

The sock pattern is called "Dancetty" which means the zigzag pattern that adds decoration and divides panels on coat of arms..Pop on over to Abbey Morris Designs blog to read more about her very first pattern.
Plus you can buy her pattern from her blog.

She is also on Ravelry and over there you will see other people who have knitted her design.

Here's one, 
and look another. 

Ravelry is such a fun website. You can purchase Abbey's pattern and it downloads as a PDF but the awesome thing about buying through Ravelry is that the pattern gets stored in your Ravelry library, so you can never lose the pattern. It's a virtual bookshelf.

Abbey has started a facebook page - pop on over "like" her page and "share"

Abbey had a goal to publish a pattern before her 21st birthday - and she just snuck it in.

 Today is her 21st.

If you feel inclined,  purchase her pattern - both of us would love to see as many Dancety socks knitted in the world.

Wouldn't that make a memorable 21st birthday!


Both Abbey and I are fans of Downton - we are loving this book. It is rather fitting to share in this weeks Yarn Along as the wool used in Dancety socks is from Red Riding Hood Yarns - Fleur  Downton Abbey "Upstairs"

Linking to Yarn Along.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


  Tup the ram saying hello.

Lambing only happens once a year but oh what a fun time of year it is. It's one of my favourite things seeing the lambs run about. The twins are strong, healthy little fellows.  WARNING more lambs photos will follow.

Farm Stay Guests.

 Just way too cute for their own good and I get to smooch with them.