Thursday, 24 April 2014

My Monet scarf

Change of plans brought about me knitting a  Monet scarf

I made one hexi puff and it was not mind numbing enough for me.. I possibly didn't give it long enough but just knew nope these are not for me. Even tho they are soo cute and squishy

I LOVED the Kolgu wool I'd brought and did not want to waste them so the Monet Scarf was started.

I've the best daughter in the world who casted on 390 stitches - wooooooo I've never ever knitted with that many stitches at once.

She has these cute heart stitch counters/spacers which she put on at  every 100.

 sure saves going back to counting at number one if you forget where you are up to aye.

 Working on circular needles (again a first for me)

can you see the little heart at the beginning of my row - that is the marker for  the right side.

Row one. Knit one, yarn forward (do not pull tight!) slip the next stitch PURL wise, Yarn back (don't pull tight) and knit through back of stitch. Repeat until end of row. At end of row cut your yarn leaving nice long tassel.

FUN PART! - swoop all the way back to the heart marker do not turn your needles around and start at the very beginning again which means you don't have to ever purl - talk about the easiest scarf ever.

Row two. Using same colour yarn or different colour Slip one purl wise, Knit one through back of stitch, yarn forward (don't pull tight) slip stitch purl wise, yarn at back of needle (don't pull tight) and knit through back of stitch - repeat to end of the row and leave a long tail of yarn then snip it off.

Fun part again - swoop all the way back to the heart marker and now do a row one again.

It doesn't take long and you can see a pattern which makes this the easiest mindless knitting ever.
I can stop in the middle of a row and when I pick it up again I can see where I am up to.

Plus it's soo pretty and soo fun to see the Monet colours - I like to think of each little stitch as a flower how if Claude Monet was knitting it, just where he would put a little flower.

mmm Monet - just pure bliss.

The wrong side is pretty too.

I've no idea how wide I'm going to knit it - probably until I run out of wool.

It's the most relaxing, meditative bit of knitting I've ever done. 

Warning! it is addictive - I seem to have a sit and knit a few stitches when ever I walk past.

Plus the colours make it soo joyful.and such a splirt of happiness to sit and contemplate the way the colours are blending.  I so do love colour.

Listening on audio...

Searching for Schindler  is the  story behind Schindler’s List, Thomas Keneally tells the tale of the unlikely encounter that propelled him to write about Oskar Schindler and of the impact of his extraordinary account on people around the world. I've only just begun listening to the book but already I'm hooked.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Farm Stay Guests

 Amber is a Caro / lordy baby and has had her nose out of joint since her family got two kittens.
We have given her some Bach remedies and after clipping all their nails have integrated her with the other two. We are happy to say things are going rather well. Amber is tolerating them. Amber still says "I am the boss you know - You two do as I say"

 Shiloh isn't too worried about Amber - she just says "Hello Amber" and carries on.

But.... Symba adores his big sister Amber and soo wants to be her friend, he doesn't annoy her at all but does push the boundary a bit by trying ever so hard to sit next to Amber every single chance he gets.

 But then Symba is a social fellow and just prefers to have company - If Amber gives him the cold shoulder and won't have anything to do with him he's happy to go and see Shiloh instead.

Shiloh loves this and thinks its a grand game and hides in the play tunnel then leaps out when Symba comes near.
They are so interesting to sit and watch (Much better than anything on TV)

The scratching pole is such a huge hit - When Amber wishes to sit on the top she does. Once a hierarchy is established and if everyone follows the rules life is peaceful in the cat world.
When feeding them its important to give plenty of food and to make sure that Amber eats first - then after that she's happy to share with the others. These guys are now getting on really well together.

Using pickled lemons

  Making your own preserved lemons is way easy - you only need lemons, salt and clean jars.

 I'm trying to increase my salt intake as we don't eat much processed food my salt intake is low (personally I usually don't like adding it to my food). The learning I've been doing on salt is we need 1 1/2 teaspoons per day. But not just any salt - salt that is the most colourful is full with more minerals and nutrients our bodies need.. When at supermarket faced with what to buy - don't just look for sea salt (as all salt comes from the sea) - look for anything not white. Celtic Sea Salt has a brownish sand colour. Himalayan pink salt (as in picture above) has a rose pink colour and is loaded with over 84 minerals and trace elements including Calcium, Magnesium,.Zinc, Silica, Potassium, Selenium and Iodine.

Cut the lemons through the centre twice but not all the way through and then add 2 generous  teaspoons of salt. Pack into clean sterlized jar.

Top with lemon juice - Juice of two lemons was used for this jar as you will find the salt brings out the juice.

The hardest part is waiting 6 weeks for the lemons to really preserve. But you can fondle the jar by turning it upside down a few times while you wait. Once opened keep in fridge.

Abbey cooked tea last night for me so I could just keep studying - I did get to stop and play with kitties - Amber Shiloh and Symba, they need a photo shoot - will try today!.
Abbey cooked Spiced Chicken on melting onions with preserved lemons. I'm kicking myself that I didn't get a photo. It was sooo yum.

The recipe is on page 167 from the book Crazy Water Pickled Lemons. Highly recommend.