Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Saturday, 11 February 2017

New Plymouth

Well here I am in New Plymouth ..... gasp on the final journey of Naturopathic studies. On Monday I have my theory exam SCREAM like I have not done a 3 hour formal exam since I was 15 and I'm in my 53rd year. Oh SHOIT! Then Tuesday I have a practical exam. like really.... then I find out if I have passed. If I pass I'm a naturopath. Its been one hell of a journey. It was meant to take me 6 years but I've been hard at it and it's taken me 3 years 7 months....

So I am in New Plymouth for the weekend hanging out with the heifers... oh I wanna bring one  no two no three home..... do you think Brent will let ME?

 oH MY // like total WANT NEED.. been my dream since I was 14 to travel NZ in a bus.... the people I am staying with have a bus.....and let me take some photos to share. Like I'm not a Lotto person but I;ve taken a ticket as I so WANT this bus and if I win I'm gonna ask if they want to sell it to me...

I've just finished listening on audio to A Man Called OVE excellent 10/10 I hope it is still on at movies when I get home. LOVED IT!! Cried, laughed  oh my perfect!! I did not want it to end. SOB!!

But yes I have done study,,,,
Now chillin waiting for sunset and Full MOON then off to bed and up again for another study day,

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Jumped a grade....

 Well, well Mr Louie has jumped a grade at dog obedience. (Only because there was only two dogs that enrolled in grade two). So he has gone straight into Canine Good Citizen.  So Louie has to be a good citizen! GULP bit of a shock to be bottom of the class when he was one of the top of the last class.(Brent and Louie did win musical that was super fun to watch). Plus Louie is the youngest being only 10 months. I'll love it tho as its not competitive - you only compete against yourself and move up a grade when the dog is ready. I'm hoping we will do well as I plan to take Louie to rest homes and hospices. He will be a lovely size for people in beds to give him a pat. But that is a wee way off yet... he has to get out of the puppy/teenager stage first....

Farm Stay Guests.

 The boys waiting for their dinner.

 The boys view
 Umm the girls Molly & Bella doing what they love the most here, eating.... I hope I do not get growled at but they have put a little of weight on....

 No way would Ella look at the camera tonight. I'd love to have a camera/video on in the cattery to see what they get up to. Ella's toy was on the ground today so I think she had a little playtime action.

I tried and tried to capture Pancho eating his mince.... but each time I had the camera ready Pancho decided to use his manners. It was hilarious to watch him, he used his claw to pick up his mince and was eating it off his claw. True! Do not be fooled by these photos.