Monday, 29 September 2014

I refused to travel yesterday

 Hazardous conditions. Use extreme caution was the Buoy Weather conditions for yesterday.
So this land lubber stayed put on firm dry land.

Today it looks a beautiful day to go for a ferry ride so My bags are packed.
That is the route I'm going across the Cook Strait
Here I come  Picton, Blenheim and Nelson.

Ginger tea is made to take in my flask - ingredients fresh ginger root (ginger is wonderful at settling tummies for us land lubbers), Glazed ginger, lemon peel and peppercorns.

I've made up a motion sickness aromatherapy blend. to dab on my wrist and massage into stomach if needed.

 Flower remedy which of course includes mimulus.

"Mimulus can know no fear"
- Dr Edward Bach, 1934

I sure hope I get to see some dolphins.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

WOW - World of Wearable Art

Selfie time at WOW. Both of us were terribly excited to be at WOW.

I'm wearing of course Jean Jones - which is made in New Zealand. Tights are from Max soo warm as fleece lined. Boots oh my years old.

We were not only looking forward to being at WOW but also to see my friend's son perform. He was one of the students performing from New Zealand School of Dance. One of my other friends nieces were also performing but I couldn't work out which ones they were but I do know they were one of the dancers in silver.

The results are out of who won - and I have to agree with the results.

The tea post was one of my favourites and the little girl modeling it was wonderful.

WOW was an experience - so much was going on stage at every area of the stage and then up in the air too. It was hard to see everything and also stop and look at the dancers. To everyone involved in WOW what a fantastic job - I loved it.

Shaolin Monks which are in WOW have been performing in Civic Square

Wellington retailers have been decorating their windows red in support of WOW. 
I placed my people's vote for of course Jean Jones.

Farm Stay Guests....

Friday, 26 September 2014


Bow Wow Box is a new company and offered a free trial. As Abbey had signed up her Poodle we signed up the Mastiff to also get a Bow Wow box

We didn't know if Mack would be still here for his box but oh my the box has given him a new lease of life.

The donut didn't last long in the powerful jaws

 Stella's Bow Wow Box

What was inside Mack's Bow Wow Box

Bow Wow has got their marketing spot on! The box is perfect for a mastiff to hold in jaws, the treats are all tissue wrapped and the treats are what we would buy for our pets -natural, cereal free. Both dogs can hardly wait for their order next month.
Well done Bow Wow You have new clients.
I wonder if they will do a Meow box soon too.

Farm Stay Guests..

Welcome Pancho Villa. Pancho is a ragdoll and oh my he arrived impeccably groomed. I'll try and get a photo of his stunning tail today

Pancho arrived with his favourite food - fancy feast.

As I had no fancy feast, I gave some of Pancho's tins to the other cats too. So everyone got the same dinner - beef mince and fancy feast. I was right to do so as all the cats glanced over to see what each other was eating. I know my cats would not be pleased if others got fancy food and they didn't if they were on holiday. I'll admit - it the fun part of having pets is seeing them enjoy their treats and dinner.

Beau tucked into his dinner, Sienna missed the photo shoot.  I do wonder if they eat piggy at their house - I'd only just swept their floor before Pancho arrived and in the photos you can see cat nut crumbs from where Beau (yes it is Beau as I saw him) takes the cat nuts out of the bowl and crunches them up on the floor leaving crumbs.

Sienna and Beau saying hello to Pancho

I snapped this shot of Ollie earlier in the day of Ollie sunbathing.

He wasn't pleased that I'd woken him up.
Ollie is camping in the middle of the runs and didn't mind being moved at all. He checked out Pancho and happily went and ate his dinner. The energy was all quite relaxed when I tucked them up for the night.